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Textiss S.A.S

Z.A. de l`Etang 26780 Chateauneuf du Rhone France
+33 4 75 906699 +33 4 75 906698

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Textiss S.A.S

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Textiss S.A.S

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Typically, the word lingerie is derived from French. Paris has been ruling the world of fashion for more than three centuries and continues to attract the world`s most famous designers. Still, it was Lady Duff-Gordon, a strong-minded Englishwoman, who inspired the concept of lingerie as visually appealing undergarments during the late 19th century. Today the lingerie market is driven by the advent of modern technologies and fabrics that allow for the design of innovative products. One prominent example of this development is Textiss S.A.S. from Chateauneuf du Rhone, France, a specialist in the creation and distribution of trendy undergarments for men, women and children.

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With over 15 million pieces distributed per year, equivalent to a turnover of about 35 million EUR, Textiss S.A.S. holds a prominent position as a producer and supplier of trendy undergarments, both under its own and under licensed brands.

“We focus on the design, creation and distribution of lingerie and underwear for the volume market,” points out Marketing and Communications Manager Benjamin Caillaud. “Our collections are designed in-house.”

Stockings and socks were the first products sold by Textiss when Sylvain Caire founded the company in 2001. Encouraged by customers` response, the family-owned enterprise gradually expanded its product portfolio to include fashionable underwear and lingerie.

Today the company located south of Montelimar in the heart of the Rhône Valley commands a logistics platform of 5,000 m² and employs 40 dedicated specialists, six of them in its own design department. In all, Textiss offers 900 different designs and is able to deliver more than 300 models ex stock. Drawing on the expertise of its design office and the cooperation of stylists, designers and product managers, the company offers a variety of proprietary brands, serves grand distributors and develops products under customers` own brand.

“We also pursue a policy of licenses with brands such as Marvel, Haribo and Chupa Chups,” adds Mr. Caillaud. “Licensing is part of our strategic concept.”

Needless to say, quality is paramount where Textiss is concerned, along with the use of trendy materials including microfiber, bamboo or modal and technologies such as Ecology Techtonik. Freegun is the company`s own brand and the flagship of the range at a rate of 60% of the total production volume. Sales are promoted by online distribution under www.freegun.com. The Freegun Performance line is the result of the cooperation with athletes, cyclists and other sports enthusiasts looking for sportswear that combines functional and aesthetic aspects.

“Our Freegun line enjoys an excellent reputation with our customers and retail partners, as it is designed to meet the most demanding expectations regarding comfort and wear-resistance,” confirms Mr. Caillaud. “Our design competence is confirmed by other brands tailored to specific requirements, for example all cotton or big sizes.”

As a distributor and supplier to the volume market, Textiss is prepared to provide the large bandwidth and variety of products required in this segment. References with major retail centers and online shops including Amazon confirm the quality and reliability of supplies.

“We account for the demands of major retail chains regarding traceability and ecological standards,” emphasizes the company`s marketing and communications manager. “Our clients also appreciate our ability to develop licensed brands and promote sales and distribution. Our sales team is at their disposal for presentations of our collections and will respond to any special requests.”

Having gained a sound standing in its French domestic market confirmed by a 5% share in the lingerie segment, Textiss is preparing to raise its current export quota of 10% and intensify sales of its favourably priced quality products on an international level. Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Estonia and Hungary are the most important markets in Central and Eastern Europe, yet Freegun is also appreciated in far-away markets such as China, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. Specialized trade fairs such as the Salon International de la Lingerie, the Who`s Next, the ISPO and the Salon de la Licence provide welcome opportunities to present the company`s program to visitors and experts and confirm its expectations of sustainable growth for the future.

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