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STN d.o.o.

Kidriceva 22A 1233 Dob pri Domzalah Slovenia
+3861 527 2440 +3861 527 2454

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STN d.o.o.

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STN d.o.o.

Bringing radio and TV to life


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Life without television or radio is absolutely unthinkable in today’s world. Whether for education or entertainment, whether the center of attention or white noise in the background, radio and TV are popular across all social and economic demographics and all age groups. One provider in this massive sector is STN d.o.o. Based near the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, STN serves customers around the world with satellite transmission for their radio and television needs.

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STN, short for Satellite Telecommunications Networks, offers much more than just satellite and fiber services. It is an outsourcer for TV channels, radio broadcasters and content producers, providing the means for all or part of their play-out and transmission requirements.

“We have the latest technology and capacity to spare to deal with increasing demand,” says CEO Andrej Lovšin. “From power supply to the end of transmission chains, we offer reliable, uninterrupted services.”

STN counts 450 television stations and 300 radio stations, and provides services for its worldwide clients with coverage on a global scale. STN also promotes its own space on 4 prime DTH satellites covering Middle East, North America, Africa and Europe.

“China has recently become a new client for us with Astra Satellite,” Mr. Lovšin highlights and we are anticipating growth in this area.

“We work hard and react quickly – even overnight if necessary.”

Andrej Lovšin, CEO

STN knows that the customer is priorty and bears this in mind in all its undertakings. All customers, no matter how big or small, are treated equally and are equally important to the company. It is this attitude that gives STN its strength.

“I respect any competition, but I know that we are strong,” the CEO says. “We work hard and react quickly– even overnight if necessary. We offer top quality as our customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority. Our facilities are state of the art, and our service meets the exact needs of every customer.”

85% of STN’s customers are acquired with personal contact. “We have a representative in the Middle East and a partner in North America,” Mr.Lovšin describes the structure. “For Europe, we have our own support network.”

“I respect any competition, but I know that we are strong.”

Andrej Lovšin, CEO

Mr. Lovšin founded STN with his two sons in 2004. He started with a small television station that was quite popular in Slovenia, and he began to transmit it by satellite to the many Slovenians living abroad. Other television stations followed, and after a year, they were sold, the company switched to a DTH (direct to home) platform, and STN as it stands today was created.

The CEO now manages the company with his two sons and their wives. Since being founded, it has had to change locations twice due to its speedy growth. STN is set to celebrate its tenth anniversary in June. The three-day festivity will feature all the major satellite companies from the USA, China, the EU and the Middle East.

“It hasn’t always been an easy road,” Mr.Lovšin admits. “But we persevered and continued developing to be where we are today. We are ready to celebrate that.”

Turnover of 20 million EUR is expected for this year. To combat any shortage of qualified personnel, STN has an agreement with the University of Ljubljana. Between 10 and 15 students who are working on their diploma theses work with the company.

“We give them a topic and advise them in their work,” Mr. Lovšin explains. “And we try to train them as our future employees.” Mr. Lovšin is not driven by money to keep STN at the top of its game. “What is most important to me is the great success of the company, satisfied customers and satisfied staff,” he says. “We have a fantastic team with 41 technicians alone. It’s such a pleasure for me to come to work every morning. It’s practically a hobby.”

STN intends to continue moving in its current direction. Although new groups and industries are slowly seeking out STN and its services, there is one sector that the company has decided to avoid: the Internet business.

“We can certainly find new products and continue developing in the areas we cover now,” Mr. Lovšin reports. Already in 2014 the second building phase on the current facility has been completed with additional 5,6 meter antenna and also included the installation of an enhanced performance KA band dish for a project in sub-Saharan Africa.

“Large antennas and supporting equipment centers take up a lot of space,” the CEO confirms. In the fall last year, STN purchased an additional 10,000 m² of land for the third phase. With many new projects on the horizon, STN is sure to maintain its current position and even carry on growth.

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