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Made in Italy

In our unique online special “Made in Italy,” we introduce companies from different sectors that develop and produce their nationally and internationally sought-after goods exclusively in Italy. You, too, can become a part of this success story “Made in Italy” and enhance your publicity throughout Europe.

Jewellery  —  made in italy

Cenci Roma.

Unique precious pieces

Italian jewellery shines throughout the world. High-quality craftsmanship, inventiveness, design originality and creativity are the elements behind the elegant products enticing people around the globe. Italian jewellery is an international status symbol. Now the Italian jewellery sky has a new shining star: Cenci Roma Srl in Roma, Oro Italia Investimenti’s new brand. The company has long been active in the gold market and now shifts its focus towards the most precious jewellery.


Technical workwear  —  made in italy

Karin srl

Dressed for protection

Health and safety regulations have done a lot to dictate what workers in hazardous or extreme environments wear to work. Technical workwear is designed to protect workmen from extremes of weather or dangers inherent in their jobs and is therefore a vital part of their equipment. Italian technical workwear specialist Karin srl is one of the leading producers of protective workwear in the Italian market and worldwide.


Food & Drinks


A tale of tradition, passion and pioneering spirit

Proud of its two well-organized locations, advanced methods and compliance with the most stringent ecological and quality standards, Jermann di Silvio Jermann SRL represents Italy’s first winery to obtain the CasaClima Wine award for existing structures. Premium products such as Red Angel, Blau & Blau or the famous Vintage Tunina are the result of traditional cultivation methods combined with pioneering achievements.


Trade & Consumer Goods


Spare parts anytime, anywhere

If there is one word that describes modern society, it is consumerism. People today love to shop, love to buy, love to replace the old with the newest and most modern items they can find. When it comes to big-ticket goods, however, it is better to repair than to replace. Companies are often in the position of having to repair their machines, and when a breakdown occurs, they do not have time to wait for spare parts to arrive. This is precisely LF SpA’s field of expertise. The company, based in Cesena, Italy, is a supplier of spare parts for the gastronomy and hospitality sectors, and offers its comprehensive range around the clock and around the globe.


Food & Drinks

Pasta & Company S.r.l.

Fresh pasta 100% “Made in Italy”

Italy is well-known worldwide for its excellent cuisine. Italian cuisine stands for only the best raw materials, for freshness and for passionate food makers. One of the highlights of the Italian kitchen is pasta. Italian pasta is available in a wide range of tastes, forms and fillings. Often, the recipes for the dough have been passed on for generations. Pasta & Company S.r.l. from Rivalta Di Torino in Italy is a true expert in pasta making. Drawing on over 100 years of experience in pasta production, the company offers a wide and tasty product portfolio including traditional and innovative recipes. In the coming years, the company aims to enhance its international footprint.


Textile Industry & Fashion

Itema s.p.a.

Weaving a tale of success

A tradition of almost 200 years in machine development and production, an installed base of over 300,000 weaving machines and a global presence in more than 100 countries: These are the facts and figures that illustrate Itema’s role as a leading global provider of advanced weaving solutions. Headquartered in Colzate, Italy, the group can draw on a rich heritage as a reputed manufacturer of textile technology. Itema s.p.a. unites the know-how and experience of three reputed brands that have promoted innovation and progress in the textile industry. The group’s combined knowledge and experience allows for optimum solutions for each application, from commodity to high-end fashion and industrial fabrics.


Food & Drinks

Mazzetti d’Altavilla srl

Grape expectations

Time, environment and the care of a great artisan can work wonders on a simple fruit like the grape. When tastes call for grappa, they look for products from Italy’s famed distillers Mazzetti d’Altavilla, a traditional producer of grappa and other distilled beverages known for its acute attention to detail in product creation, service and packaging. With quite170 years in the business, Mazzetti is a top name in grappa and a favourite producer of distilled beverage for discerning consumers around the world.


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