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France is famous for its high-quality goods, which are among the best in the world. With our unique online special “Made in France,” we introduce companies from different sectors that, with their successes, have helped bring French products international renown. You, too, can become a part of this success story “Made in France” and boost your company’s name recognition throughout Europe.



Exlusive estates and interiors

The renovation or new construction of a privately owned home marketing director. is always connected with complex logistical undertakings and craft activities. Many well-to-do owners prefer to pass these tasks on to external partners. An example is COGEMAD from Le Vesinet in France.

Made in France - the ePaper

Special Edition 2/2014

Made in France

Home of proverbial excellence, France is at the heart of the European economy. Our unique Made in France online special introduces successful companies from a variety of sectors which have helped French products to international fame. You, too, can become a part of this success story and boost your company’s reputation throughout Europe. Read the ePaper...

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Lingerie  —  Designed in france 

Textiss S.A.S

French favourites

Typically, the word lingerie is derived from French. Paris has been ruling the world of fashion for more than three centuries and continues to attract the world`s most famous designers. Still, it was Lady Duff-Gordon, a strong-minded Englishwoman, who inspired the concept of lingerie as visually appealing undergarments during the late 19th century. Today the lingerie market is driven by the advent of modern technologies and fabrics that allow for the design of innovative products. One prominent example of this development is Textiss S.A.S. from Chateauneuf du Rhone, France, a specialist in the creation and distribution of trendy undergarments for men, women and children.


dental technology  —  made in france 

Dürr Dental France S.A.R.L.

Pioneers of the dental future

The dental industry has been subject to many new regulations and reforms in the past years. More and more treatments and products have to be paid by the patients themselves. At the same time, technology has made quantum leaps. The increasing digitalization is enabling more effective treatment and a more natural look. Founded back in the 1940s, Dürr Dental from Germany has always been a pioneer in the development of innovative dental products and services. The French subsidiary Dürr Dental France S.A.R.L. is a market leader nationwide, too. Managing Director Armin Bantle sees the company at the forefront of the market for years to come.


Energy & Environmental Engineering

Feljas & Masson S.A.S.

Drinking water – a valuable asset

F&M is working in all segments of the water market: water supply, irrigation, potable water, waste water. Drinking or potable water is water safe enough to be consumed by humans or used with low risks of immediate or long-term harm. Over large parts of the world, humans have inadequate access to drinking water and use contaminated sources. Feljas & Masson S.A.S. from Laval in France works hard to improve these conditions. The company specializes in the engineering, procurement and installation of turnkey solutions for the global water market.


Industrial supplies

Castolin France S.A.

We make you stronger

In the big industries there is still a strong trend to outsource activities and services to focus on core competencies. This is also true for the heavy industries which have to accomplish many welding and brazing jobs. Here, Castolin France SA in Courtaboeuf in France comes into the game. The company is a leading specialist in welding and brazing services, offering products as well as maintenance and repair services which are carried out at the company’s premises or at the clients’ factories. Offering value-added solutions, Castolin aims to enhance the share of service activities in the coming years.


Energy & Environmental Engineering

JIT Solaire SARL

Solid solar returns

Photovoltaic systems can be a profitable investment if you have a large roof at your disposal. Many agricultural buildings offer plenty of space for hundreds of power-generating solar modules. This is why more and more farmers are having large-format photovoltaic systems installed. A declared expert in this fast-evolving sector is JIT Solaire. The privately owned French company realizes high-quality solar plants that promise an excellent return on investment for decades.


Health, Chemical & Medical Industry


Designing the ideal future hospital room

Today hospitals rooms are multifunctional high-tech rooms. Electricity, light and gas supply are crucial elements of every care unit. Biolume from Loos in France is the country’s leading manufacturer of hospital lighting and equipment for health care facilities. Offering tailor-made solutions, the company now aims to enhance its international market presence.


Food & Drinks

McCain Alimentaire S.A.S.

McCain France – ‘It’s all good’

Hardly any other deep frozen food product is as popular as french fries. Whether for the deep fryer, the baking oven or the microwave, the long potato sticks, which originally come from Belgium, are popular worldwide as a snack, a side dish or – among children – even as a main dish. McCain Alimentaire S.A.S. based in Harnes, France, is the French subsidiary of the Canadian french fries concern McCain. The company is the undisputed market leader in France and aims to enhance its market position on the basis of a sustainable future strategy. Product innovations and diversification will be key words in the coming years for McCain Alimentaire.


made in france  —  further articles and portraits

Palumbo Industries

French excellence in automated turning

The production and processing of automotive components requires absolute precision and delivery reliability. The quality demands of the OEMs also keep increasing. At the same time, margins are decreasing. As a result, automotive suppliers have to offer added value in order to stand out from competitors. Palumbo Industries from Vougy in France, for example, excels in research and innovation. Concentrating on technology-focused products, the company is internationally acknowledged for its know-how and innovative strength. more...


Innovation and creativity

The global packaging material and related machinery industry generates a total of 500 billion USD on markets around the world each year. Recent developments in environmentally friendly packaging help manufacturers to serve the demand for recyclable products. HOLWEG S.A.S.U. from Molsheim, France, specializes in this field of operation. The company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machinery for the production of paper bags and other paper packaging solutions. more...

Fédéris Gestion d’Actifs

Performance and responsibility

For many investors, performance is everything. There are other issues, however, to be considered, such as social responsibility, environmental friendliness or ethical behaviour. For Fédéris Gestion d’Actifs – and its clients – these criteria play an important role in choosing the ideal investment vehicle that combines the two: long-term performance and authentic responsibility. more...

ARVALIS - Institut du végétal

Farming smarter

It was agriculture which long ago allowed people to abandon their migratory life and settle down. But since the first humans put seeds into the ground, much has changed. Science and technology have played a major role in this area of business for a long time. ARVALIS is a French institute for farmers who grow grain, potatoes and corn. As a tool for farmers to increase productivity and competitiveness, the nonprofit company covers the entire chain of needs. more...


Laboratory investigations with certified quality

Laboratories are one of the most important factors in the French health market and account for around 70% of diagnostic medicine. Compared to some other European countries where major laboratories dominate the market, France is characterized by a huge network of smaller and medium-sized laboratories. Currently, French laboratories are being challenged with several new regulations. Bio-Santis from Entraigues Sur la Sorgue recognized the signs of the times early and already meets the new legal requirements. more...


A close eye on the water cycle

In the water sector, HYDREKA S.A.S. is the name to remember. The French company has specialized in equipment and software for the analysis of clean and dirty water cycles, and sells and rents innovative solutions. Instruments from HYDREKA detect any leaks in water distribution systems by acoustic signalling or provide measurements on water pressure and quantity. With its extensive product and service portfolio, the company has established itself as a full-service provider to the international water industry. more...

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