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Pasta & Company S.r.l.

Via Flavio Gioia 3 10040 Rivalta Di Torino Italy
+39 011 9091471 +39 011 9091787

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Pasta & Company S.r.l.

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A view into the company’s “Pasta” location in Milan.

Pasta & Company S.r.l.

Fresh pasta 100% “Made in Italy”


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Italy is well-known worldwide for its excellent cuisine. Italian cuisine stands for only the best raw materials, for freshness and for passionate food makers. One of the highlights of the Italian kitchen is pasta. Italian pasta is available in a wide range of tastes, forms and fillings. Often, the recipes for the dough have been passed on for generations. Pasta & Company S.r.l. from Rivalta Di Torino in Italy is a true expert in pasta making. Drawing on over 100 years of experience in pasta production, the company offers a wide and tasty product portfolio including traditional and innovative recipes. In the coming years, the company aims to enhance its international footprint.

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The pasta portfolio of Pasta & Company encompasses “Le paste ripiene” – fresh pasta filled with meat, sausage or fish – and “Le paste non ripiene – fresh pasta which is not filled. “Le Audaci” comprises innovative products such as chocolate pasta or mixtures with ham and figs. Last but not least convenience products for the horeca market, such as lasagne, complete the product program.

Still the core business is the typical pasta coming from the Piedmont region called Agnolotti and filled with meat. “Here, the tastes differ depending on the country,” says the Commercial Director Aleardo Girardi. “In Italy, meat fillings are quite popular, while in France, Agnolotti with vegetables are highly demanded. Germans prefer meat fillings, too.”

Altogether, the company produces over 95 different types of pasta. Pasta & Company tries to bring a new taste to the market every week. Also, the pasta experts offer seasonal specialties such as fillings with mint or stinging nettles or sweet and sour mixes.

In order to ensure optimal freshness and quick delivery, Pasta & Company worked out efficient logistic structures in the last years. The kitchen opens at three o’ clock in the morning and the lorries are fully loaded at 6 p.m. the latest.

All French and Italian clients are serviced within 24 hours. Customers in Germany are supplied within 36 hours. “We make pasta “super fresca” (super fresh),” says Mr. Girardi. This means that we do not have extensive storage facilities.”

At present, the whole logistics and production chain is organized from the company’s head office in Rivalta di Torino. By the end of this year, Pasta & Company is going to open up another production factory with an extra area of 2,000 m².

“There, we are going to produce a special product line for celiac patients,” says Mr. Girardi. “The number of celiac patients has been growing significantly in the last years.”

Pasta & Company sells to small specialist retailers as well as to farmers’ markets and to the horeca market. The farmers usually come from the Piedmont and Lombardy regions in Italy as well as from France.

The company strongly benefits from word-of-mouth advertising and regularly participates in local and regional fairs. The Sial Paris is the international highlight of the company’s event agenda.

Currently, the Italian pasta specialist achieves around 60% of its annual turnover through export activities. In France, the company is active nationwide. Also, Germany is an important export market. Here, Pasta & Company is present in Munich and Berlin, in Hanover and Cologne.

“We aim to expand our activities in Germany,” say Mr. Girardi. “At present, we are searching for partners there. Thanks to the experiences we made in France, the expansion of the German market will be easier and quicker. We already established the necessary structures.”

International expansion is a key issue on Pasta & Company’s agenda. In addition to France and Germany, the company sees promising perspectives in Austria, the Netherlands, the UK and Eastern Europe. At present, the company is preparing an opening at one of the top London shopping malls, called INTU. It is the first multi-channel transactional shopping centre nationwide.

“INTU approached us as they liked our products,” says the commercial director. They also promised they would consider us for another 18 shopping malls.”

Top product quality, excellent logistics ensuring delivery in time and a huge portfolio are important success factors for Pasta & Company. Also, the company is known for offering good value for money.

“In the coming years, we will focus on the expansion of our network of “Pasta” sales locations,” says Mr. Girardi. “The concept is great and we are happy that it creates new jobs, too. We are a family enterprise. Therefore, social aspects are important for us, too.”

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