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Sports marketing

What drives the wild red bull

Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz does not give many interviews – they appear about as often as rainstorms in the desert. But one such rarity has just taken place. The trigger was the German Football League’s (DFL) decision to make the granting of a license to play in the second division to recently promoted RB Leipzig, which is sponsored by Red Bull, dependent on conditions such as the adoption of a new club logo. For Mateschitz, who in an interview published in the Leipziger Volkszeitung threatened to withdraw his sponsorship, the demands made by the DFL are like a red rag to a bull. They do not fit in with the perfect and boundless world of Red Bull sports marketing. more...

Luxury goods – unprecedented demand in emerging markets

“Let me be surrounded by luxury, I can do without the necessities,” said wordsmith and dandy Oscar Wilde (1854-1900). If he were alive today with the same attitude and the pecuniary wherewithal to pursue it, he could find no better time in history to indulge in a love of beautiful and expensive objects as well as the finer and more exclusive things in life – and he would not be alone. If he valued their companionship, he would be targeting the emerging markets in Eastern Europe and Asia – above all China. more...

Countries in crisis

The new security strategists

Afghanistan provides a sobering example of how dangerous working in the world’s crisis regions can be. At the beginning of April this year, German war photographer, Anja Niedringhaus, was shot dead. Kidnappings of aid agency workers and foreign business representatives also made the headlines. Much less is known, however, about who is responsible for ensuring the safety of business representatives in high risk countries. more...

ITN Column

Billionaires are hot for London

Billionaires love London more than any other city in the world. Small wonder that most of them choose to live there – currently 104 billionaires according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2014. They rave about the culture, the excellent educational opportunities for their children and the great lifestyle. But they seem to have overlooked one thing: the horror that is the NHS national health system. more...

Company of the Month

cd Vet Naturprodukte GmbH

Healthy alternatives for animals

The overdose of antibiotics in food animal production is considered a problem with serious repercussions. The risk of developing resistance rises each time bacteria are exposed to antimicrobials. Resistance opens the door to treatment failure and leads to an increasing number of infections. cd Vet Naturprodukte GmbH situated in Fürstenau, Germany, decided to bank on a completely different approach. The company develops and produces natural pet products based on natural ingredients that help to prevent diseases.


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