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We should take the earthquake in the Himalayas as a warning

The plan itself already seemed bizarre: tunneling under Mount Everest in order to clear the way for a train line linking China and Nepal, and perhaps even India. Now, after the catastrophic earthquake in Nepal, there really is no point in wasting even a single thought on this plan. more...

ITN Column

Data miners: No one wants to pay for easy prey

Camouflage plays an important role in the animal kingdom. Just think of the plaice and its perfectly camouflaged skin that matches the seabed and hides it from predators. In the human world there are also predators and prey – but the focus is on the collection of personal information. The hunters have it easy because their victims fail to protect and hide their information adequately but instead make it freely available. The latest example: IBM wants to analyse the health information of Apple users. more...

ITN Column

After the A320 crash: Is relaxed patient confidentiality needed?

After the crash of a Germanwings flight in the French Alps, a debate has broken out over passenger safety in which the voices of employers are making themselves clearly heard. In the heated debate surrounding the co-pilot on the doomed plane, the German confederation of employers’ associations is demanding a relaxation of the rules on patient confidentiality. Are employers and management boards generally in favour of this position? more...

ITN Column

Fear as playfellow: How Barbie spies on your children

Perhaps you are one of those people who are frightened of Barbie; the preternaturally slender toy doll with the long blonde hair who now has even more to offer. The latest version is interactive and can even talk to your children. It just makes you wonder what she will talk about. Suspicions abound about manipulative incursions into the thoughts and emotions of small children by their two-faced new friend and spying in the nursery. more...

Company of the Month

cd Vet Naturprodukte GmbH

Healthy alternatives for animals

The overdose of antibiotics in food animal production is considered a problem with serious repercussions. The risk of developing resistance rises each time bacteria are exposed to antimicrobials. Resistance opens the door to treatment failure and leads to an increasing number of infections. cd Vet Naturprodukte GmbH situated in Fürstenau, Germany, decided to bank on a completely different approach. The company develops and produces natural pet products based on natural ingredients that help to prevent diseases.


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