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Wilhelm Beckmann-Straße 7 45307 Essen Germany
+49 201 27 30 30 +49 201 27 30 30

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A systematic approach to marketing management


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The world of communications has undergone fundamental changes in recent years. A multitude of media provides information and influences the decisions of industry, commerce and society. Strengthening clients` brand and increasing sales at the same time requires a systematic approach to marketing management - the kind of approach developed by Essen-based MEHRKANAL GmbH, provider of innovative marketing solutions. Accounting for the complexity of the media world, the German enterprise ensures that all participants of the marketing value-adding chain communicate in compliance with CI across all marketing channels.

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When MEHRKANAL was established as an agency for optimized communications in 2003, its focus on web-based marketing and distribution solutions was fully in line with the trend of the time.

The German enterprise soon recognized the need for marketing management, marketing automation and marketing controlling, especially where branded companies and their sales networks were concerned, and proceeded to develop the marketing management system that has set it apart from competitors.

“We first introduced the system on behalf of a French vehicle manufacturer in Germany,” explains Markus Plaum, one of the company’s three managing directors and founders. “Simple operation, modularity and a systematic approach that encompasses all communication channels in one single interlinked solution did not fail to convince the industry. Before long we were able to expand the system in response to growing demand, also on an international level.”

Today, MEHRKANAL ranks as one of the leading providers of marketing management systems in Europe and optimizes the marketing and sales of numerous internationally active companies, for example Jaguar, Landrover, Ford and other major vehicle manufacturers, STIHL for garden equipment and HUK-Coburg in the insurance sector.

“Typically, we serve branded companies that value efficient communications and operate a decentralized distribution network,” points out Mr. Plaum. “Their focus is not on the lowest-possible price, but on distribution activities that create win-win situations.”

Developed as a regional marketing tool at first, the MEHRKANAL Marketing Managing System is successfully applied in 24 countries worldwide today. Solutions based on this system and its versatile modules contribute to the development and sustained success of clients’ brands and their presentation across borders in a uniform manner.

Bearing justice to the name MEHRKANAL, which means “multi-channel” in German, all relevant communication channels are integrated. “Online marketing is extremely important for our clients and one of our core competencies,” adds Christian Behne, the second managing director of the company. “It is above all the linking of all relevant channels, their planning, control and evaluation that generates added value. Our system yields measurable results based on clients’ distribution and sales figures so that marketing measures can be assessed at the end of a set period.”

Requirements for marketing management with system:

The company name “Mehrkanal” (multichannel) stands for the combination of these success factors. 360 degree approach, simplicity and modularity – interlocked and integrated into one system.

Ten years after its start from small beginnings, MEHRKANAL presents itself as a high-performance enterprise with 85 employees who approach each task with a great deal of personal commitment.

Focussing on effective marketing solutions with a uniform brand image and some unique local features, they develop optimal concepts for each particular company and target group. Efficient distribution links, for example via MEHRKANAL’s interface with Deutsche Post, contribute to the smooth connection of online and offline marketing channels.

“Our innovative marketing solutions are in high demand with clients in Germany and abroad, and we see great potential for the future,” concludes Mr. Plaum. “We do not create brands, but we enhance the brand impact. So far we have excelled for a systematic marketing approach, now we are heading for perfection in our field.”

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