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Itema s.p.a.

via Cav. Gianni Radici 24020 Colzate (BG) Italy
+39 035 7282111 +39 035 740505

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Itema s.p.a.

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A beacon of quality and reliability: the Itema headquarters featuring the new Itema logo

Itema s.p.a.

Weaving a tale of success


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A tradition of almost 200 years in machine development and production, an installed base of over 300,000 weaving machines and a global presence in more than 100 countries: These are the facts and figures that illustrate Itema’s role as a leading global provider of advanced weaving solutions. Headquartered in Colzate, Italy, the group can draw on a rich heritage as a reputed manufacturer of textile technology. Itema s.p.a. unites the know-how and experience of three reputed brands that have promoted innovation and progress in the textile industry. The group’s combined knowledge and experience allows for optimum solutions for each application, from commodity to high-end fashion and industrial fabrics.

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A multinational company today, Itema proves that the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts. The company was founded in 2001 and organized in its present form in 2012. The new Itema logo was released at the same time and has become a beacon of quality and reliability in the meantime.

“Our technological achievements are based on the long-standing experience of the historic brands that form our group, Somet and Vamatex in Italy and Sultex in Switzerland,” explains CEO Carlo Rogora, a qualified engineer. “Now that the process of integration and fusion of different companies is complete, we are consolidating our presence and strengthening our position as the undisputed leader in the weaving machinery market.”

The region around Bergamo is traditionally linked with the textile industry, and Itema is firmly rooted in this tradition. “Our region is famous for the weaving of exceptional shirt fabrics,” adds Marketing Manager Diana Profir. “Its fame dates way back to 1860 and the manufacture of fine fabrics for the shirts of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the politician who promoted Italy’s existence as one nation.”

On the Swiss side, Itema dates back to 1834 when the Sulzer brothers founded a company that decisively contributed to the flowering of the Swiss mechanical industry. Innovative achievements have highlighted the history of the companies that formed Itema Group ever since.

In 1953 the first looms incorporating the revolutionary projectile technology were supplied from Switzerland. Itema’s flagship models incorporate this innovative weaving technology to this day and continue the tradition of innovation in textile machinery.

The year 1967 saw the inception of the Somet brand, while Vamatex was established in 1973. In 2001 the two brands were united in an efficient roof organization, Itema Holding. Following various name changes and the establishment of the Itema Weaving Machinery Corporation in Shanghai, China, the group completed the integration process in 2012 and brought all member companies together under the one name of Itema s.p.a.

Today Itema Group presents itself as a high-performance enterprise with production sites in Italy, Switzerland and China, distribution and service centers in the USA, India, Hong Kong and Japan, a total of 835 employees and an annual turnover of 250 million EUR.

“The majority of production takes place in Italy, while simpler looms for the world’s emerging markets are made in our Shanghai works, based on Itema designs, quality standards and materials,” adds Mr. Rogora. “Our best-in-class weaving machines are appreciated by quality-conscious textile manufacturers worldwide, not only for the production of denim, but also for all kinds of other woven fabrics. The fact that the reputed Albini Group uses fabrics woven on Itema looms for its exquisite shirts speaks for itself.”

Quality, reliability and performance – ORP for short – are the factors that distinguish Itema weaving machines. Their global recognition is impressively confirmed by the response of visitors and experts at international trade fairs such as the ITMA and ITMA Asia.

“All machines are the result of a comprehensive development, manufacturing and delivery process, backed by reliable spare parts supplies and integrated services,” points out Mr. Rogora. “Our two-year guarantee confirms our confidence in the quality of our looms, which are developed in close cooperation with customers. Moreover, we are the only weaving machine manufacturers worldwide who master all three weft insertion technologies, rapier, air-jet and projectile, with an ample product portfolio allowing for all kinds of applications.”

Dedicated to innovation and technological advancement, Itema continues to invest in research, development and staff training, for example at the Itema Academy for the education of talented students. Achievements such as the extremely versatile R9500 weaving machine or high-performance Itema LoomBrowser management software confirm the global technology leadership of a group that has every reason to view the future with confidence.

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