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Interview with Andrea Bonini, Italian luxury interior designer

“Like the best James Bond, I keep my secrets safe”

The young Italian luxury designer Andrea Bonini defines luxury as being a combination of simplicity and straightforward, unfussy structures. This is exactly the language spoken by his furniture collections and accessories. They embody the most luxurious form of elegance. The Verona native is currently pulling out all the stops – while maintaining James Bond levels of secrecy – on his new collections for the Salone del Mobile 2015 in Milan.

ITN: Mr. Bonini, what city best defines luxury, and why?

Andrea Bonini: From my personal traveling experiences, I can tell that most iconic cities like Dubai or Monte Carlo are too explicit. From my point of view, I see Venice as the most luxurious city in the world.

ITN: Can you give us your personal definition of luxury? And how would you define your own style?

Andrea Bonini: When talking about luxury, the first words that come to my mind are ‘glam’ and ‘sophistication’. In my style I try to put glam and sophistication on top, trying to make the word ‘luxury’ the principal link to my work.

ITN: What are you driven and inspired by?

Andrea Bonini: History, passion and the Italian lifestyle are the main streams that guide me through the choices I make for a new-born project.

ITN: Since you belong to the young generation of designers – is it more important to be different or to benefit from intergenerational exchange?

Andrea Bonini: Of course. It is very important to benefit from intergenerational exchange, and it is also really important to have a design history background.

ITN: When we talk about Andrea Bonini Design, what are the brands and undertakings behind that?

Andrea Bonini: There are many custom-made design pieces that I create for my customers, and behind them there is a staff of many Italian craftsmen. In addition, my studio works with some known luxury furniture brands, like Diamante Design, Dolfi and other important brands that you will discover at the next Milano Design Week.

ITN: You once pointed out the importance of international partnerships and collaborations. Please name some of your crucial partners.

Andrea Bonini: I think that behind international success, there are strong partnerships and beliefs. The main international partnerships I collaborate with are Grandeur Design & Trade Studio based in Dubai, whom I collaborate with for the Middle Eastern market, and VICI London International Agency for the UK and part of Europe.

ITN: Can you share with us some insights into your new projects and collections?

Andrea Bonini: The next collection I will present for the next Milan Design Fair is inspired by contemporary fashion trends. These studies came up after meeting one of the most well-known identities worldwide.

ITN: What is your personal highlight that you are most proud of?

Andrea Bonini: Personally I think my brand’s new showroom based in the Milan fashion district, where I reunited my style and personal taste.

ITN: Do you look through Italian eyes when you create your interior design worlds? And if so, what is special about the Italian way of designing?

Andrea Bonini: The Italian design background is strong and known worldwide. Certainly for an Italian designer, the approach is to give a look at the past as a starting point, from where new ideas will come up and generate what is today’s design.

ITN: Are there any new target groups on the international luxury market that you would like to reach and thrill with your designer pieces in the forthcoming years?

Andrea Bonini: I do my projects with passion, strong will in the best way, without thinking about the upcoming trends. I work hoping that, in the forthcoming years, the new target group on the international market will come looking for me.

ITN: Which of your customers around the globe are the most enchanted by your interior design?

Andrea Bonini: I think that the most attracted clients are those who look at details and understand what’s behind my concept.

ITN: The next Salone del Mobile will be a special highlight since it takes place against the background of the World Expo 2015 in Milan. Is this a great opportunity for you, and how will you make the most of it?

Andrea Bonini: The next Salone del Mobile is for me the most important regardless of what happens elsewhere. For this reason I will work harder than ever to reap the most fruits out of it.

ITN: Could you reveal to us some secrets about your designer pieces that you are planning to present to the international audience at the Salone del Mobile 2015?

Andrea Bonini: Secrecy is synonymous with my professional attitude. Like the best James Bond, I keep my secrets safe.

ITN: As a private person: What role do luxury and lifestyle play for you?

Andrea Bonini: Understanding the luxury lifestyle stands at the base of my works. Everyone has a personal view about what luxury is for them. Luxury in my lifestyle means simplicity and tidiness.

ITN: Have you got a certain life motto that you start your day with?

Andrea Bonini: ‘What you give is what you get, so work hard for it.’

ITN: What does it take to be a renowned designer?

Andrea Bonini: At the moment I cannot tell you, but surely I will let you know the day I get there.

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