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VON ZENGEN Kunstauktionen GmbH & Co. KG

Stiftsstrasse 2-4 53225 Bonn Germany
+49 228 461955 +49 228 477308

VON ZENGEN Kunstauktionen GmbH & Co. KG

VON ZENGEN Kunstauktionen GmbH & Co. KG

Once, Twice, Sold!

Once, Twice, Sold! Auctioneering has a very long tradition and an auction itself is a perfect opportunity to buy and sell high-value art and antiques. The VON ZENGEN Kunstauktionen GmbH & CO. KG in Bonn has more than 40 years of experience in the auction of objects from high-level estates, the liquidation of private collections and high-quality single pieces. The auction house is renowned for its absolute discretion, honesty and confidentiality, selling 15,000 subjects a year in its four grand Art and Antiques sales.

Already in 2000, VON ZENGEN believed in the power of online marketing and a strong website developing an excellent international reputation.

“By now, about 60% of the bids come from abroad,” says Dr. Stefan Püngel, the company’s managing director and owner. “This way, we have been able to realise significant growth in the last years independent of the crisis.”

Founded in 1971, today, the auction house has more than 10,000 regular customers and bidders in Europe, China, Russia, the USA, Israel, and the Arabic States.

At each auction, VON ZENGEN offers about 3,500 objects, among them Old Master paintings, Modern and Contemporary Art, Asian and Tribal Art, books, porcelain, glass, silver, furniture and other high-quality contents as well as jewelleries.

“The bids can be made directly in the hall, in written form or by phone,” states Dr. Püngel. “We do not indicate estimate prices, but always establish limit prices. Our qualified team of experts offers professional and discreet consultation and survey of the objects, which is free of charge and absolutely non-committal for the sellers. Our expertise, our long tradition and our strong Internet presence make us a modern and competitive company. We want to especially strengthen our position abroad.”

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