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Transatlantic economic ties between the United States and Europe – two interviews

Clearing the path to free-trade in the Atlantic

The opportunities for a transatlantic free-trade agreement between the United States and the European Union are more possible than ever after the reelection of American President Barack Obama. EU Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht expects the talks for such an agreement to be taken up within this year. The United States is the European Union’s most important trade partner. Regardless of Obama having declared this to be the Pacific Era, Gucht’s US colleague , U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, leaves nothing to doubt about how important the investing relationship is to Europe. Both international trade politicians, who lead the EU-US High-Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth, agree on one thing: There is a lot of potential lurking in transatlantic trade.


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Healthy alternatives for animals

The overdose of antibiotics in food animal production is considered a problem with serious repercussions. The risk of developing resistance rises each time bacteria are exposed to antimicrobials. Resistance opens the door to treatment failure and leads to an increasing number of infections. cd Vet Naturprodukte GmbH situated in Fürstenau, Germany, decided to bank on a completely different approach. The company develops and produces natural pet products based on natural ingredients that help to prevent diseases.


Guest editorial by Charles Ries

TAFTA: SMEs would benefit greatly

Is the time really ripe for a free trade treaty (TAFTA) between the US and Europe? This question is examined by Charles Ries, an expert on the subject of free trade – he was part of the negotiating team that agreed the North American Free Trade Association. A TAFTA would liberate small and medium size businesses from a painful cost burden, writes the former US ambassador to Greece in a guest editorial for International Trade News.


Interview with Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker

“Climate change brings lots of chances for economic growth"

The Berlin-based Atlantik-Brücke has taken up the cause of promoting Europe in America. Whether it is the question of industrial competence or the challenges of climate change, its task is to make Europe’s strengths clear on the other side of the Atlantic. International Trade News spoke about this role with Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker, Vice Chairman of the Atlantik-Brücke and Chairman of the Supervisory Board for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.


World Trade

Crossing the Atlantic with little obstacles

For many years, the global economy has amounted to more than just the sum of the national economies participating in it. Globalization has refined the complex structures affecting international economic relationships at the same time that it has increased the exchange of goods and services in a spectacular manner, all the while making transportation and logistics even more dynamic. The transatlantic route plays a special role in this exchange of goods. more...

An American’s view of Europe

AmCham Germany President Fred B. Irwin: “There is a crisis of confidence”

What does an American think when his heart beats the same for Germany and for the United States, as someone who feels at home in Europe, about the European debt crisis and the future of the transatlantic partnership? International Trade News talked to Fred B. Irwin, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany, about just this. Irwin views the crisis in the eurozone as neither a European problem nor a debt crisis. More than that, he speaks about the peoples’ lack of trust in their politics. more...

Germany’s View of Atlantic Free Trade – Interview

"There is no better window of opportunity"

For the Representative of German Industry and Trade in Washington, D.C., Dr. Thomas Zielke, one thing is clear: the political window for the forging of an Atlantic free trade agreement could not be more favourable. Free trade between the United States and Europe would have a significant effect on both employment increases and revenues – a win-win situation for both sides. In a conversation with International Trade News, Germany’s economic advisor also spoke about the transatlantic economic relationship between the United States and Germany. more...

Debate of the German Bundestag

Those committed to transatlantic cooperation should pull together

German MPs from many sides of the parliamentary divide are in favour of a European-American free trade agreement. In a parliamentary debate held just after the US presidential elections, Ruprecht Polenz (CDU/CSU) argued, for example, that the time was now right for the creation of a common market with over 800 million people. Turning words into concerted action is, however, proving more difficult for the political parties: Following the debate a motion tabled by the SPD in favour of strengthening transatlantic relations was voted down. International Trade News summarises below the key statements from Polenz, Hans-Ulrich Klose (SPD) and Rainer Stinner (FDP). more...

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