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Top Image Systems Deutschland GmbH

Im Mediapark 8 50670 Cologne Germany
+49 221 933130 +49 221 93313500

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Top Image Systems Deutschland GmbH

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Top Image Systems Deutschland GmbH

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Technology should make life easier. For businesses, that means freeing up time to focus on matters like income generation and customer retention. One content management company truly brings value to the constant struggle to manage data: Germany’s Top Image Systems Deutschland GmbH, a provider of software solutions for content management. With a high level of expertise in developing solutions for business, Top Image makes sure its customers have the technology to transform any information into relevant, accessible electronic data.

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Top Image was founded in 1991 and rapidly achieved a spot on the NASDAQ stock exchange in the United States. Today, the company heads its international operations from branch operations in Germany, the United Kingdom, Latin America, Singapore and Japan, with local people also working on-site in Europe and the Pacific Rim. It employs over 200 people globally, 70 of them in Germany, and generated 31 million EUR in 2012.

“We move with technology to meet customers at their point of need,” says Michael Schrader, general manager of Top Image Systems Deutschland GmbH. “The solutions we offer are relevant now and adapt constantly to meet the needs of the future.”

Top Image’s signature product is eFLOW, a software solutions package that takes a holistic view of document-driven businesses. “It is a platform that is wide and powerful enough to address all of your documents intelligently,” Mr. Schrader says. A modular solution, eFLOW allows companies to tackle the urgent problems that arise and then address individual problems throughout the entire business model. As a completely adaptable program, eFLOW is designed to grow with your business and tie everything together on one platform.

The benefits of eFLOW for business are manifold. The platform improves electronic document management efficiency by up to 80%, thus reducing operating costs for the business. It contains minimal risk and improves transparency across the board, leading to better internal and external communication. Customers experience improved agility and innovation within their business structure, as well as a heightened level of internal control and improved compliance. Data can be retrieved and archived more efficiently within the system. “Our customers often experience a return on investment within a year or less,” Mr. Schrader attests.

Within the eFLOW system, Top Image has focused on key areas where the software can be implemented. The platform’s digital mailroom automates mail, allowing all incoming mail to be handled digitally and sending that information downstream to other business systems. The eFLOW purchase-to-payment department streamlines sales processes from order to payment, providing the highest level of accuracy and reducing data entry tasks. Its sales and purchase orders leg of the platform gives sales departments ultimate control in the processing of a business’s purchase orders, freeing up time to focus on equally important tasks, like generating more revenue and improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Finally, its forms classification extracts information from all types of written forms in any format – paper, fax, Internet, e-mail or digital images – to transfer to the rest of the system.

Top Image sells its solutions to a remarkable range of industries, including government departments and statistical offices, banking, finance, insurance, health care, energy and utility companies, transport and logistics companies, postal services, retail, manufacturing and business process outsourcing companies.

Businesses truly need Top Image to grow, and Top Image is responding by staying ahead of the curve. Its next projects will incorporate mobile devices such as the iPhone into the platform. “We are looking to develop our solutions into hybrid technologies and to expand our reach globally,” Mr. Schrader says. “And we are always looking for the right people to help us do that.”

It should come as no surprise, then, that this dynamic start-up has been able to achieve a top image in its sector.

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