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Sofrigam SA

212, Avenue Paul Doumer 92508 Rueil Malmaison France
+33 1 46698500 +33 1 47259844

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Sofrigam SA

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All production facilities are located in Arras

Sofrigam SA

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Medical products must be stored, handled and transported under conditions which ensure that their quality is maintained. Dealing with this challenge, more and more companies and institutions rely on specialized storage and transportation products developed and produced by Sofrigam. The French company concentrates on insulated and refrigerated packaging solutions and is one of the leaders of the European packaging market.

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Sofrigam has made a name for itself with insulated box ranges that meet the requirements and norms of the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.

“Our aim has always been to manufacture innovative packaging products and to go the extra mile to provide customized services,” underlines Marketing Manager Laetitia Perche. “Sofrigam is synonymous with fundamental knowledge and expertise. We can bank on many loyal customers. 70% of them have been working with us for more than a decade. We know exactly what they need, and we consistently adapt to their needs.”

The company’s roots date back to 1979 when an industrial pharmacist and passionate horse lover developed a special cooling gel for his horses to prevent muscle tension after a race.

In addition, he worked on transportation solutions for vaccines. As vaccines, insulin and blood products require storage between 2°and 8°C, he developed special boxes to make sure that the vaccines were safe and secure during their transport.

The boxes were a huge market success and finally led to the development of more and more packaging solutions mainly for the pharmaceutical industry.

Today, Sofrigam’s headquarters is in Paris, while all production facilities are located in Arras. Furthermore, the company has established a subsidiary in Texas. To ensure reliable and safe product storage, it cooperates with Fedex Europe. With a workforce of 50 employees, Sofrigam generates a turnover of 22 million EUR.

“Our core competence is the production of polyurethane packaging solutions,” sums up Ms. Perche. “Thanks to the material, we can offer them in all different sizes. Although we have several standard products, we realize many individual solutions. As there is no need for molds, the fixed costs are still low. Our isothermal and refrigerated packaging solutions guarantee the secure transport of heat-sensitive products throughout the world. The containers have been designed to meet all cold chain and insulated or refrigerant transport requirements.”

Among Sofrigam’s vast product palette are flexible iceboxes, refrigerated pouches, cooler packs, refrigerated tubs and VIP temperature controlled packages.

One of its bestsellers is the Pallet Shipper Frizbox®. Heat-insulated pallet shippers up to 2,000 l have been developed for the air transport of heat-sensitive pharmaceutical products.

95% of Sofrigam’s customers are pharmaceutical companies such as laboratories, hospitals and pharmacists. Even sick persons who need to store or transport their sensitive medication are among the customers. Chemical companies make up the remaining 5%.

90% of all products are exported particularly to Northern Europe and the United States. “Our sales team takes care of the direct distribution to the customer,” states Ms. Perche. “In terms of B2C, we have two online shops. We even consider small hospital orders as B2C, and there is no minimum order.”

The flexibility to adapt quickly to individual customer needs is a key element of Sofrigam’s steady success. “Service is one of our key characteristics,” stresses Ms. Perche. “We try to make everything as easy as possible for the customers. We offer cool packs which need to be frozen 48 hours before transportation. In case the customers do not have enough time, we support them and take care of it. Another service is customer access to order histories in our intranet, which creates great transparency. Customers can have a look at former orders and know exactly when a truck has no more capacities. This way they can optimize their transport, which then reduces costs.”Apart from its strict service orientation, Sofrigam is well-known for its innovative spirit and eco-friendly approach.

The company puts a lot of effort into research and development, and has its own laboratories and competent engineers working on solutions according to ever-changing rules and regulations.

Based on this future-oriented philosophy, Sofrigam is ready to strengthen its market position at home and abroad. Especially the United States and Asia are in the spotlight.

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