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Société Des Etablissements F. Pfirter SAS

83, Avenue de la République 92320 Châtillion France
+33 1 42530643 +33 1 42530779

Société Des Etablissements F. Pfirter SAS

Business Profile

It seems that the care of shoes is not very trendy. Although, the regular shoe cleaning is worthwhile because its results are nice shoes lasting a lot longer. Products of Société des Etablissements F. Pfirter are the perfect solution if you care about your shoes. The French company produces shoe care products, especially shoe polish cream, which leave nothing to be desired in terms of quality and diversity.

Something, which was a standard in former times, was neglected later and is nowadays experiencing a renaissance. “Our products are often bought along with a new pair of shoes,” explains Managing Director Alain Pfirter. “Due to the economic crisis, sales volumes of new shoes slightly decreased which had an immediate impact on our business. At the same time, people started to take better care of their shoes and to wear them for a longer time; this was on the other hand a kind of compensation for our business.”

Société Pfirter, founded in 1931, and its brand Famaco always had a leading market position. When Mr. Pfirter became General Manager in 1974, he started introducing new products. Due to the new strategy, today, Société Pfirter additionally distributes accessories such as shoetrees, laces and insoles. Furthermore, the company, which has 38 employees, offers private labels.

Clients can choose from a product range of more than 110 different colours including different styles from classy to trendy. A product flagship is the cleaning lotion ‘Raviv Cuir’, which deeply cleanses leather and gives shimmer and shine. Société Pfirter regularly presents novelties developed in its own laboratory.

Now, the development of the export business is right on top of its agenda. The third generation is keen to face new challenges and has already started to build up connections to Asia.

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