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SAS Julien Carbonnell

15 av. Albert Einstein 66000 Perpignan France
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SAS Julien Carbonnell

SAS Julien Carbonnell combines modern amenities with local identity.

SAS Julien Carbonnell

Homes on the sunny side

Perpignan is a town with historical values and modern infrastructure. Moreover, it is blessed with a pleasant climate. The number of people looking for homes in and around Perpignan is growing. For more than 40 years, Sarl Carbonnell J.f supported homebuilders in the local real estate market. Now the company has become SAS Julien Carbonnell, offering plots tailored to customers’ needs, complete with all relevant services. At present the French enterprise is involved in the realization of four projects with 30 individual plots, which are expected to be completed within six months.

“When we build, we promote the best marriage of local identity with modern life,” explains Julien Carbonnell, head of the company. “Our architects combine fine materials like wood, stone, metal and glass with designs best suited to the natural landscapes of southern France.”

The house itself is not the only important aspect of a home. SAS Julien Carbonnell also has an eye on the surroundings, such as exterior views, the layout of the yard and a welcoming neighbourhood. “We are intensifying our focus on common areas so children have room to play and neighbours can meet,” notes Mr. Carbonnell. The architecture incorporates bioclimatic principles, as well. “It is good for the planet and good for your wallet,” the head of the company points out.

The area around Perpignan is covered with vineyards, one of town’s traditional mainstays of business and commerce. This is actually where the forerunner Sarl Carbonnell J.f got its start. “Our family used to own extensive vineyards and produce wine,” Mr. Carbonnell says. “When viticulture became less profitable, my grandfather began selling the vineyards and started turning them into building land. I used to follow my father in his daily appointments and learned by doing the technical part of the business.”

This heritage continues with SAS Julien Carbonnell’s focus on small to medium-sized neighbourhoods in the wine and agricultural areas. Mr. Carbonnell also highlights that the company is investigating some opportunities in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the old town as a means of contributing to contemporary urban renewal. So far, more than 100 building projects have been completed around Perpignan.

“When we build, we promote the best marriage of local identity with modern life.”

Julien Carbonnell

Clients can count on SAS Julien Carbonnell for an all-inclusive package, from the selection the plot to the completion of the building, or for individual services, such as ecological studies on the home. “We purchase land around the town and divide it into building plots,” Mr. Carbonnell explains the process. “We then apply for a building permit, develop the plans, proceed with the sale and cooperate with the contractors in order to coordinate the building process. We pay particular attention to collective issues such as the connecting roads between the plots, playgrounds, public parks and similar amenities.”

The real estate company provides clients with comfort and security not only in their homes but also in their asset management.

Early on, Mr. Carbonnell realized that constructing a building is only part of real estate construction. It also means influencing an entire neighbourhood and changing the face of a city. That inspired him to design the online resource IMMOBILIER PARTICIPATIF. It offers free online tools to connect building professionals with future residents.

“Ultimately, it will help bring people together and participate in the process of crowd-producing a city,” Mr. Carbonnell explains. The site features an open blog about current events in urbanism and housing as well as social network where neighbours can get in touch regarding everyday tasks.

“Neighbours can help each other by picking up the kids from school or sharing home maintenance tools,” Mr. Carbonnell says. The site also boasts groupware to organize larger projects with an unlimited number of participants. Democratic principles are applied here to design a city exactly the way its residents want it.

Whether a house is the primary residence or a vacation home, renting investments, plots of land, a refurbished barn or a new building, SAS Julien Carbonnell is more than happy to offer the best advice for the local market.

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