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Runtime Group GmbH

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Runtime Group GmbH

Interview with Rainer Anthony, managing director

Runtime Group GmbH

When and by whom was the company founded?

Runtime Group was founded by our Managing Director and shareholder Birger Topp in 2001 as a personnel service provider. Its roots, however, go back much further. As a traditionally structured, family-owned company it emerged from Tailleur GmbH & Co. KG, which was founded by Hans Topp in 1960.

How did the establishment of the company come about?

Towards the mid/end of the 1990s it became clear that the markets, which are changing ever more quickly, are urging companies to react quickly and even more flexibly. This was and is particularly true for the personnel area. Birger Topp realized that there would be great growth potential in the sector and anticipated the demand for skilled employees, and focused investments accordingly.

Was there a flagship product? Is there still one today and how has it changed over time?

Runtime Services, which as a company is active as an employment agency and an agency for temporary employment exclusively, quickly became the heart of the group. By now we have sister companies in five countries. Runtime services offers interesting perspectives for recruitment and supply of temporary workers for medium-sized companies in particular, but it also works for corporations and supplies or arranges contracts for temporary workers, skilled employees and executives.

Has the product spectrum expanded since the company’s foundation, or has the core product been developed further?

Besides the core competence – personnel agency services – Runtime also offers solutions on a contractual basis; in the technical area, in assembly or in the packaging industry. The great thing: Both the Staffing Services Department and the Contract Management Department have continuously developed since the founding of the company, expanded or extended their areas of expertise. RTS Wind AG for example, which offers personnel services for the wind energy industry exclusively, is successfully established in the market since 2011. Today it is the market leader already in Germany.

What have been the greatest milestones until today?

1960: Founding of Deutsche Tailleur GmbH & Co. KG (DTG) by Hans Topp

1969: Market leader in packaging of military technology products

1982: Market leader packaging machines and plants

1985: Founding of ADS GmbH & Co. KG (today: Runtime Services GmbH)

1989: Market leader packaging industry products and automobile parts

2001: Founding of Runtime Group GmbH

2007: Expansion into the surrounding European countries

2011: Founding of RTS Wind AG

2011: Founding of Promedis24 GmbH

2014: Planned expansion to England

Who shapes/has shaped the company and how?

The company bears the signature of Birger Topp, who always worked rigorously and in the hanseatic-mercantilistic philosophy on the success of the group.

Who heads the company today? (management)

Birger Topp successfully runs the business to this day. Since 2013, his son Christopher Topp joined on the executive level as head of ‘Corporate and Business Development’. In addition, I am a member of the company management since 2002.

What values/philosophy define the activities of your company?

We are proud of our roots and see ourselves firmly in the tradition of the family-owned medium-sized companies. Thus we pledge ourselves to values such as sustainability, partnership, high quality and commitment. The long-term cooperation with our customers is proof oif how seriously we take these responsibilities.

How do tradition and innovation influence your company?

Runtime Group is subject to the requirements of quickly changing market conditions, too, so we have to have a very close look at where demand is changing and quickly react to that ourselves. In everyday life this means that in terms of recruiting we always have to be up-to-date and we use modern media and communication channels. Notwithstanding flexibility and adaptation to the times that are changing ever more quickly we still believe that values connect people and build trust – and this is why we hold on to them.

What products make up your core business?

Personnel solutions and contract solutions, these are our core competences. As a personnel agency we offer direct personnel procurement, supply of temporary workers and interim management for the areas industry & manufacturing, logistics, office, medical, wind and engineering & IT; we focus on procurement and supply of skilled workers. In the contracting area through RTC Solutions, Runtime Productions, Runtime Packaging, RTC Technical Solutions and RC Document we cover solution models for outsourcing processes in the areas electronics, assembly, document administration and packaging.

What distinguishes your products in comparison to your competitors?

Experience, know-how and service are often relevant parameters in the service sector - and we excell in all three areas for various reasons. Furthermore Runtime Group is one of the few medium-sized owner-operated companies in the field of personnel recruitment. With this background we have a better understanding particularly for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses than others do.

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