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Resino Trykfarver A/S

Metalbuen 13 2750 Ballerup Denmark
+45 44 973488 +45 44 973585

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Resino Trykfarver A/S

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Resino’s core competence – ink products for food packaging areas

Resino Trykfarver A/S

Prints that make a difference


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Printing inks play a pivotal role in our daily life as they facilitate the essential product identification and consumer information on nearly every consumer good. Attractiveness is another feature that printing inks may bring to packaging or other printing matters. As an internationally leading supplier of high quality inks for all purposes, Resino Trykfarver A/S knows how important the right ink is on the right product.

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International Trade News: Writing inks were first manufactured in both ancient Egypt and China in about 2500 BC. Printing was invented by the Chinese about 3,000 years later. Thus, it is a product with an impressive history and development. Today, ink is widely used to pass on information and to decorate objects. There is a huge range of ink available on the market. What makes Resino’s ink so special?

Niels Nielsen, Vice President and Commercial Director: Resino offers a broad array of safe high-quality inks for all purposes. As you mentioned, ink has come a long way to reach the quality it has nowadays. Today, ink is used on many different surfaces ranging from paper and aluminium to cans and plastic bottles. Step by step, special inks have been developed for the use in different applications. Resino has strictly adapted to these changing market needs and found its place in different niches. We are at our best when it comes to ink for very special applications such as difficult substrates. With a market share of 50%, we are leader in the development of inks for prints on sausage and meat casings.

International Trade News: : Resino is still a relatively small family-owned company. At the same time, it is one of the world leaders when it comes to inks for special purposes. What were important milestones of the company on its way to this extraordinary success?

Niels Nielsen: Yes, we are definitely a relatively small company with 40 employees and an annual turnover of 18 million EUR. In the past, we had customers who were concerned about our size as they were used to working with big multinationals. It took them some time to realize that we are a reliable, competent partner despite our size. We even consider our size as one of our great advantages. It provides us with a greater flexibility to adapt to customer’s needs. Furthermore, you can feel a strong spirit within the company, a very personal touch. Here, everybody is involved in the company in a different way. The company was founded in 1957 and right from the beginning it has focused on ink. Over the years, it has continuously adapted its products to current market needs. In 1990, Resino finally shifted the focus to inks with special purposes. As a result, we have UV-curable, water-based, alcohol-based and ester-based inks today. Another important decision was the strengthening of export activities, which started in the 1990s, and which led to a strong international market position. Today, we have a production plant and support office in Brazil, a sales office in Florida, a warehouse in Texas, and distribution centers in Russia, the Ukraine and South Africa. The idea behind this geographic expansion is to be close to our clients who are mainly flexographic and gravure printers and ink jet manufacturers. The next step will be a stronger presence in Asia Pacific.

International Trade News: How would you pinpoint Resino’s future business strategy?

Niels Nielsen: Our philosophy has always been characterized by three keywords – strong product development, high quality and flexible customer service. We will further concentrate on market niches where we can make a difference. Here, we can focus on technology and individual customer needs. We want to support our customers with quality products and a very personal service to establish true partnerships. Resino has a strong innovational spirit and due to this we launch niche products for the most challenging applications. A good example is our two-component ink for high resistant applications. We will definitely keep on working on environmentally friendly solutions such as water based inks. Besides, we have an increasing demand for UV-curing inks. Resino is well-known as a solution provider. We surprise people with solutions for very complex matters and we are very proud of that.

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