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MICROS-Fidelio GmbH

Europadamm 2-6 41460 Neuss Germany
+49 2131 137-0 +49 2131 137-777

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MICROS-Fidelio GmbH

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MICROS-Fidelio GmbH

Holistic IT solutions for the hospitality market


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The digital revolution turned the hotel market upside down. Long gone are those times when you could only book a hotel via your nearest travel agent. Today, there are many booking and marketing platforms on the internet offering best scores and prices. Of course, the consumer is spoilt for choice. Hotels have had to adapt to a completely new way of marketing. Still, there is a great need for IT-solutions integrating all the different marketing and distribution possibilities. Here, MICROS-Fidelio comes into the game. The US-based MICROS group is a leading name in holistic software solutions for the hospitality, retail, cruise and travel industries. In addition to this A to Z approach, the company scores with its global structure and innovative strength. MICROS-Fidelio GmbH from Neuss in Germany is a 100% subsidiary focusing on the German market.

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“MICROS stands for software, services and hardware – everything from one source,” explains President Europe, Africa and Middle East Kaweh Niroomand. “This has been our greatest asset from the very beginning. Today, companies need many different solutions, such as sales, storage, distribution as well as mobile check-in or point of sale solutions, platforms, booking systems, and other services. They also need trainings, seminars, and development and installation services. All solutions require a high level of system integration. Also, multi-channel power becomes ever more important.”

In addition to its holistic service approach, one of the company’s greatest assets is the decentralized and global company structure. The company lays great emphasis on local staff in order to be close to its clients and to understand the needs and problems of their customers.

“We believe in people,” says Mr. Niroomand. “Every business is about people and is driven by people. Therefore, we support a motivating working atmosphere.”

MICROS-Fidelio recognizes the signs of the times early. For example, the company was one of the first understanding the possibilities of the cloud and were one of the pioneers in e-commerce.

“For example, the ecommerce sector led to a balance change in B2B and B2C activities,” says the president. The company services enterprises and multinationals as well as medium-sized players and small enterprises.

“We service small companies in all our major markets, such as small hotels, restaurants and shops,” explains Mr. Niroomand. “In the beginning, we used to grow with the chains but today, we have reached a much deeper market penetration. We offer solutions for chains, for their headquarters but we are also able to scale down. The engineering always is the same – you just need a different hull as a result, individual hotels, for example, are able to use our solutions, too. We do not focus on turnover but on market share. The right balance is important. Standard software does work for smaller businesses. Often, the owners of small hotels are very creative and innovative and their ideas are useful for bigger hotels, too. We listen carefully to our clients – this is the best way to accumulate market know-how.”

Rooted in the USA, MICROS group achieves the major share of its annual turnover outside of the domestic market. Altogether, the group draws on a large distribution network, supporting customers in over 180 countries. Thanks to this global network, new products quickly develop a strong drive. In the German- speaking countries, the group has a staff of 900, 30% of whom are active in Neuss.

Besides Neuss, MICROS-Fidelio operates facilities in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. In the coming years MICROS-Fidelio aims to enhance its global market position in the hotel, restaurant and retail markets.

“We are going to expand our portfolio of cloud, e-commerce and software services,” says Mr. Niroomand. “Still, we are going to keep an eye on the integration of all these services into the core systems. Multichannel will continue to be a key word especially for hotels and for the retail market. They have a great need for mobile solutions. Customers want to book rooms and restaurant tables from wherever they are at any time of day. The solutions have to be easy and quick. To realise our plans and solutions we have a great need for qualified personnel. This is a problem at the moment. We try to find people with industry skills and profound IT know-how. They have to understand the business processes of our clients in order to select or develop the best possible software solution. In general, it takes us one year to train new people. Yet, the qualification of our people is the basis of our success.”

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