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MEP Werke GmbH

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MEP Werke GmbH

Managing Partner Konstantin Strasser.

MEP Werke GmbH

Using instead of buying

A photovoltaic plant on your roof can be a substantial investment which only pays for itself after several years or even decades – depending on its efficiency. There is a low-cost alternative, however: using instead of buying. This pioneering concept is offered by MEP Werke GmbH. The green electricity supplier equips private home owners with their own solar power system for a small monthly fee starting at just 49 EUR and also takes care of everything else, from the planning of the perfect plant to periodical, expert maintenance.

MEP (Munich Energy Partners) is a full-service provider of renewable energy solutions with a focus on photovoltaics. The company plans, delivers, installs, finances and maintains made-to-measure solar energy systems for private home owners, commercial enterprises, agricultural businesses and municipal clients.

Founded in 2010, MEP is owned by Strasser Capital, an investment company with a broad portfolio of holdings in the renewable energy sector, ranging from solar, biogas and wind power plants to alternative infrastructure projects. The group currently manages assets valued at over 250 million EUR. MEP is convinced that private home owners play a significant role in shaping a greener future.

“Our goal is to enable as many people as possible to produce their own green electricity.”

Konstantin Strasser

“Our goal is to enable as many people as possible to produce their own green electricity,” Managing Partner Konstantin Strasser describes the philosophy of the Munich-based company. “This way, consumers can reduce their dependence on conventional energy suppliers as well as rising electricity tariffs.”

MEP offers its customers a unique solution for generating their own green electricity: they use an MEP photovoltaic system which is available starting from a fixed monthly rate of just 49 EUR – which is guaranteed for as long as 20 years – and can thus cover up to half of their total electric power consumption. The other half is supplied by the local electricity supplier.

“Our business model is the ideal solution for producing your own green electricity and meeting a large part of your daily electric power demand,” explains Mr. Strasser. “It represents a completely new perspective for green electricity: using instead of buying.”

“With our solution, consumers can reduce their dependence on conventional energy suppliers and contribute actively to the energy transition.”

Konstantin Strasser

In addition to only having to pay a small monthly fee instead of making a large investment, MEP customers benefit from the company’s complete service, which includes everything from planning, delivery and assembly to installation, starting up and maintenance.

MEP also offers custom-engineered green electricity solutions for commercial, industrial, agricultural and municipal clients – customers with a higher energy demand than private home owners but also with larger roof areas to install high-performance photovoltaic systems for a secure long-term energy supply. The solutions provided by MEP include both centralized and decentralized electricity supply services.

Besides enabling its customers to use solar energy for a monthly fee, MEP also sells complete photovoltaic plants and offers smart home systems. Until four years ago, Strasser Capital was selling the majority of its photovoltaic systems.

“Many customers, however, who wanted to invest in green energy, refrained from buying because of the huge investment,” says Mr. Strasser. “This is how we came up with the idea of renting solar electricity systems for a moderate monthly fee. To this date, this idea has not been copied, because of the complexity of the business model, in particularly as regards logistics and establishing an efficient sales organization. A photovoltaic plant is a high-value product. With our unique concept, we have managed to transform it into an easy-to-use, low-cost consumer article that is no more complicated than a mobile phone contract.”

The main target group of MEP are home owners in Germany. “We are currently investigating opportunities in neighbouring countries,” states Mr. Strasser. “And from 2015, we shall also offer green electricity solutions for tenants.”

MEP also has a number of additional innovative, mass-market green energy products in the pipeline, such as the financing of household products with low electricity consumption through their energy savings.

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