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Leo Burnett France

12 rue James Watt 93200 Saint-Denis France
+33 1 55846500

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Leo Burnett France

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An advertisement for Fiat featured the ultra-customization or how to become one with your Fiat 500

Leo Burnett France

People at the heart of every creative idea


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Marketing is more than advertising, brand propositions or selling products. It is about people and purpose, about serving true human needs. This is the core belief of Leo Burnett, a globally operating communications agency with offices around the world. Dedicated to truly connecting a brand’s purpose with people, the Publicis Groupe member calls itself a HumanKind communications company that transforms brands through creativity and puts people and their behaviour at the heart of every strategy and creative idea.

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Leo Burnett Group is one of the world’s largest and best known groups of creative advertising agencies.

Headquartered in Chicago, USA, the Group comprises 96 offices in 84 countries and more than 8,500 employees worldwide. What distinguishes Leo Burnett from other advertising agencies is its unique HumanKind approach.

“We are a HumanKind communications company,” says Jean-Paul Brunier, CEO of Leo Burnett France. “It means we have a simple and singular approach: to put a brand’s purpose at the center of communications to truly connect with people.”

Leo Burnett’s HumanKind approach is based on the belief that creativity has the power to transform human behaviour.

“HumanKind is not about advertising or brand propositions or selling products,” explains Mr. Brunier. “It is about people and purpose. It is an approach to marketing that serves true human needs, not the other way around. This is why everything we do for brands is designed with a human purpose in mind. A brand without purpose is one that will never be understood or embraced by people. A brand with purpose can be a true agent of change and transform the way people think, feel or act. A brand with a true HumanKind purpose can change the world. Our dream is to be the best creator of ideas that truly move people.”

“If only for a second” is a perfect example for Leo Burnett’s HumanKind approach

Leo Burnett is a people agency. “Today, it is the people that make the success of brands and businesses,” states Mr. Brunier. “The world has changed. In the past, there were people and media. Today, people are the media. The digital revolution has changed our lives and our relationship with brands. We believe that these changes are not a threat but an opportunity. Communication has never been so essential to transform brands.”

The people at Leo Burnett are tireless observers of people and their behaviour. On this basis, the company designs made-to-measure communication strategies that help its clients to define a purpose for their brand, a purpose that inspires and invites people to participate.

Leo Burnett’s HumanKind communications philosophy is shared by many large, national and international brands which the company has on its client list, such as Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble, Prisma, Fiat, Philip Morris, Charal, Costa Cruises, Jeep, Lindt, TF1, LCI, Le Gaulois, Ixina, Clover, GoodYear, Iveco, Pfizer and CNP Assurances.

“Our customers, like us, share the conviction that it is neither the companies nor the agencies that create major brands,” says Mr. Brunier. “It is the people.”

Leo Burnett was founded by Leo Burnett in Chicago in 1935. Leo Burnett was a true advertising icon, who once created the legendary Marlboro cowboy.

Since 2002, Leo Burnett has been a member of Publicis Groupe, the world’s third largest communications group offering the full range of services and skills, from digital and traditional advertising, public affairs and events to media buying and specialized communication.

Leo Burnett France employs 140 communications professionals and includes Mediagong, a leading independent French agency specialized in the conception and development of innovative digital tools and interactive campaigns. The company is particularly noted for its creation of vivid, playful and highly interactive narrative campaigns. Leo Burnett France has experienced strong growth over the past years.

“Our goal is to further expand our client base in sectors such as banking or retailing,” states Mr. Brunier. At the same time, Leo Burnett France aims to contribute to the Big Data revolution. “We are in the middle of an evolution of communication which is becoming more and more participative,” explains Mr. Brunier. “In this environment, we want to enable our clients to improve their dialogue with the customer and use our creativity and technology to help them differentiate and create a sustainable competitive advantage.”

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