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h & m gutberlet gmbh

Max-Brod-Strasse 11 90471 Nuremberg Germany
+49 911 818660 +49 911 8186622

h & m gutberlet gmbh

Kaweco- Dia, a classic writing utensil series, available as ball-point pen, pencil and roller ball

h & m gutberlet gmbh

Winners in tough competition

In the face of tough global competition, it is not only speed, but also cleverness and system knowledge that count. Founded as an industrial representation in 1960, h & m gutberlet gmbh from Nuremberg, Germany, has proven its command of these qualities in the course of its history time and again. Industrial representations for the writing implements industry were the company’s core business, yet other branches and markets have complemented the offer in the meantime. As a competent partner for the development and realisation of new ideas and processes, gutberlet supports its clients in obtaining larger market shares and business success.

h & m gutberlet gmbh increasingly transfers its wide-ranging understanding of the writing implements market to other industrial areas.

The Nuremburg-based enterprise sees itself as a supplier of ideas, new manufacturing techniques, new products and additional marketing opportunities.

Founded by Managing Directors Michael and Detlev Gutberlet’s father Horst Gutberlet in 1960, the company for the industrial representation of exclusively German-made plastic, mechanical and metal parts and refills for writ-ing implements was soon able to expand its activities – through Germany, Switzerland, France and Scandinavia to the whole of Europe.

As time went by, gutberlet added complete writing implements and – with the development of cosmetic pencils – a whole new business sector to its programme. Eventually the consulting sector was expanded to enable knowledge transfer to new targets and market segments. The idea to revive the Kaweco brand, whose origins date back to 1883, stemmed from the private collection of antique writing implements.

Worldwide rights to the brand were purchased in 1996 and paved the way for the establishment of a separate, challenging division, yet another step to prove gutberlet’s ability to adapt to changing requirements and recognise new market opportunities. “The passion for writing implements and the wish to bring the Kaweco pen to new life stood at the beginning of it all,” adds Michael Gutberlet. “In view of reduced trading volumes due to the competition from low-wage countries, we were looking for an opportunity to expand our programme. We looked at the situation as a chance to redevelop Kaweco.”

Kaweco writing implements have been greatly appreciated because of their quality and precision for more than 125 years. Their unmistakeable octagonal form and characteristic shape make the brand a true classic. The production of this classic meets the current trend towards traditional values. Based on wide-raging proprietary rights, production is organised in several countries, among others in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Taiwan and Japan.

gutberlet intends to create a completely new design for Kaweco writing implements and develop the Kaweco-Sport pen – famous since 1935 – into a true designer product. The response to models presented at the Paper World so far confirms the positive expectations regarding the success of the new business sector.

gutberlet expects a considerable increase in turnover for this year, above all because of its successful export activities accounting for 80% of all business. The USA, Spain, Japan and Turkey are the most important countries among a total of 27. gutberlet supports the specialized trade with its dedicated team and promotes modern distribution forms such as online marketing.

“Using chances means moving,” concludes Michael Gutberlet. “We are prepared to perceive opportunities, fill niches and realise further growth in cooperation with our more than 100 trading partners – also in new business sectors.”

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