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Groupe Ingeliance ALTEP BORDEAUX

6 rue Nicolas Leblanc 33700 Merignac France
+33 55 7924170 +33 55 6342655

Groupe Ingeliance ALTEP BORDEAUX

The Alpha cabin was developed by Groupe Ingeliance

Groupe Ingeliance ALTEP BORDEAUX

Diversification into a top engineering partner

Innovation, competence and flexibility – this is the rule of three Groupe Ingeliance from Merignac in France follows. Resulting from a merger of AXS and ALTEP, the engineering company worked out a clear diversification strategy in order to position itself as top provider in different industries.

The service portfolio of Groupe Ingeliance encompasses product and system development, project and process development, logistic support, data engineering and technical and methodological expert consultancy. While AXS specialised in structural analyses, computer simulations, calculations and methodological competence, ALTEP used to focus on classical engineering jobs.

The customers of the group come from the fields of aircraft building, aerospace, automotive, ship building, rail, defense, machines, energy and infrastructure. “The merger of ALTEP and AXS was an excellent strategic move,” says President and General Manager Jean-François Cledel. “AXS was a small organisation with a high-tech target group while ALTEP was well positioned in the broad mid-market segment.”

In Europe, Groupe Ingeliance draws on a strong market position. Particularly Germany is a key market. In addition to this, the company is developing activities in Asia. Here the company runs a subsidiary in Singapor, in the Gulf States and in North America.

Until 2014, the engineering specialist expects to grow its figures up to 60 million EUR and to increase its staff up to 700. “We want to position our company as an excellent partner in all our activity fields and even exceed our customers’ expectations with innovative solutions,” says Mr. Cledel.

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