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Data Base Factory

90, Boulevard National 92250 La Garenne Colombes France
+33 1 46354800 +33 1 46354810

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Data Base Factory

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Data Base Factory has been present in the United Kingdom since 2000

Data Base Factory

A clear focus on the customer


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Customer care and customer services – these terms have emerged as predominant key words when dealing with the customer and guarantee him the utmost attention. Companies in the B2B and B2C markets have understood that their business flourishes only if they put the customer central in all their activities. This is why a growing number of enterprises leave multichannel communication and customer care to a professional. Data Base Factory, headquartered in France, is the right partner for developing outsourcing solutions for business customers, lifting customer care to a new level.

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Data Base Factory can look back on 15 years in the call center business, offering first-class outbound and inbound services as well as customer services to businesses throughout Europe.

“Our customers are looking for an outsourcing partner who is active all over Europe,” points out Managing Director Marc Labarre. “E-commerce and the World Wide Web are not constrained by boundaries. It is part of our success that we are present in all European key markets and offer a multilingual approach. This is highly important in our business.”

Since its foundation in France in 1999, Data Base Factory has become a sought-after partner to customers from all areas of the B2B and B2C world. The company has become the specialist for call center services, including inbound and outbound, as well as for telemarketing and backoffice services, for instance for letter and parcel shipment and payment transactions, which companies outsource to Data Base Factory’s team.

“In particular for companies with a large customer base, our services are highly interesting. Among our customers are names such as Yves Rocher in both France and Germany, Groupe Orange, Virgin Mobile, SFR, Ouest France, BBC, Canal+ and others,” says Mr. Labarre.

Data Base Factory takes on their customer care and multichannel communication via phone, mail, email and social networks like Facebook. For the insurer Axa, Data Base Factory realizes outbound calls for telesales. “This means that we call existing clients and offer them additional products to complete their insurance package,” states Mr. Labarre.

Currently, Data Base Factory operates 13 contact centres in Europe and has set up subsidiaries in France, United Kingdom, Poland and Morocco. “The United Kingdom was the first country where we launched an office in 2000, followed by new call centers in Lille and Tarbes, both in France, some years later. In 2007, we started our activities in Casablanca before we entered the Polish market in 2008. Only recently, we started a fourth call center in France and three new centers in Morocco,” says Mr. Labarre.

For German customers, Data Base Factory has set up an office not far from the border in order to ensure that it is able to employ German native speakers. Currently, it has a workforce of 1,500 people in all its divisions, generating a turnover of 45 million EUR. Data Base Factory is a 100% subsidiary of the Financière Aurénis Group, a publishing group with annual turnover of 190 million EUR that is backed by an investment fund.

“In the coming years, we aim to push international expansion. In January 2014, we are going to open two new contact centers. The first one will be in Tournai, Belgium; the second center will open its doors in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This will guarantee full coverage of all important European markets, including France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands,” states Mr. Labarre.

An important milestone in the company’s development on a European level was the takeover of the customer care center of the French cosmetics company Yves Rocher. “In a similar way, we have become the outsourcing partner of Performing Right Society in the United Kingdom,” points out Mr. Labarre. “We took over its customer center with 100 employees.”

In a time of crisis, a growing number of companies turn to an outsourcing partner in order to cut down costs and to focus on their core business. “Generally speaking, companies have realized that it is important to do what they are good at while leaving fundamental services like customer care to a specialist like us,” adds Mr. Labarre. “They have come to the conclusion that they can realize a much better quality/ price ratio if they turn to us and make use of our broad of portfolio of outsourcing solutions.”

Data Base Factory is able to provide customized solutions that match customer expectations. “We have the necessary staff members at hand who can talk through our customers’ requirements and come up with tailor-made offerings. While one customer is looking for someone to deliver direct response television campaigns, the next customer needs someone for appointment setting, just to name two examples. Our portfolio of services is very diversified,” says Mr. Labarre.

Mr. Labarre is convinced that within the coming years, the demand for outsourcing services will increase. “Companies are confronted with such a high number of different requirements, they can hardly manager all divisions themselves. In particular when it comes to B2B and B2C services, it helps enormously to entrust somebody who is familiar with customer services.”

The development Data Base Factory has had over the past 15 years is a clear proof that its service belief is right. It supports companies out there in the market that want to improve their relations with the customer.

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