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Erbprinzenstrasse 4-12 76133 Karlsruhe Germany
+49 721 920670 +49 721 9206711

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A consultancy based on personal competence


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The industrial revolution shifted the economy’s focus from agriculture to manufacturing. As automation advances, there is less need for personnel in factories, and economies are shifting again to add more services to the mix. One area is the consulting sector, offering companies advice on how to improve their performance. A strong name in management consulting is CONTRACT KG. Based in Karlsruhe, Germany, with offices in Cologne, Cape Town and Johannesburg and a partner network which operates worldwide, the firm cooperates with its clients to find the best solutions for the company in question.

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CONTRACT specializes in organizational consulting and human resources development, and offers its consulting services at both the executive and the managerial levels.

“We reflect jointly with the management team,” explains General Manager and Full Partner Joachim Karnath. “Our service is something between moderation and consulting. Of course we have our own expertise that we bring to the table, as well.”

The staff also collects ideas from other sectors to encourage brainstorming and new concepts. As Joachim Karnath notes, there are huge numbers of management consultancies in a variety sizes and orientations. “Ultimately, it all comes down to implementation competence,” he says. “We at CONTRACT emphasize the importance of remaining in a client’s memory because we made a difference.”

CONTRACT’s services have proven popular across a number of industries, including the automotive sector (both OEMs and suppliers), mechanical engineering, Internet companies, engineering offices, nonprofits, clinics, research institutions, charities and public institutions.

Many new clients are found through recommendations, though the consultancy also has a newsletter, an Internet presence and a company magazine to spread news of its undertakings. CONTRACT also offers larger symposia on specific topics, and three times a year, there are topical workshops. Thanks to its slow organic growth and broad client base, the firm was able to weather the crisis years and develop a very stable business.

CONTRACT has a solid ethical stance. “We do only what is sensible,” the general manager explains. “That means no high-gloss brochures with empty promises. Instead, developing something substantial is our objective – and it should be something that makes sense for the client.”

The company also aims for long-term client relationships. In addition, CONTRACT sees little staff turnover and focuses on the quality of its own employees. Thus, it selects new staff carefully and provides employees with opportunities to develop.

Six-month internships as well as trainee positions are offered to students on a regular basis. These points come together to aid the firm in creating a solid network. “But our greatest USP is how we work,” Joachim Karnath underlines. “We go to our clients with our competence and not riding a consulting wave.”

CONTRACT was founded by Joachim Karnath and Irene Reifenhäuser in Karlsruhe in 1991. In 2010, a subsidiary was founded in South Africa as a means of being closer to the firm’s clients. CONTRACT also has an office in Cologne, and a new location is being built in Johannesburg. The firm is supported by a network of partners in Europe.

About 25% of the consultancy’s business takes place in an international, English-language context, though the majority of clients are headquartered in Germany. “We haven’t eliminated the possibility of branches in other economic centers in Germany,” Joachim Karnath reports.

Total staff numbers 35, and three quarters of them are salaried employees who form the core of the company. Joachim Karnath, Irene Reifenhäuser and Bettina Demmer are general managers and full partners.

CONTRACT is well positioned for the future. “We aim to expand, bit by bit,” JoachimKarnath reveals. The younger partner generation will take over operational management in the future to allow for the founding partners to focus on a few select clients and further developing strategic aims.

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