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12, rue Diderot 78110 Le Vesinet France
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The Chateau Louis XIV offers dazzling 17th century splendour in a breathtaking 5000 m² living area.


Exclusive estates and interiors

The renovation or new construction of a privately owned home is always connected with complex logistical undertakings and craft activities. Many well-to-do owners prefer to pass these tasks on to external partners. An example is COGEMAD from Le Vesinet in France. The company maintains a broad network of architects, craftsmen, designers, gardeners and technicians and acts as reliable partner for exclusive renovations and interior decoration projects.

The enterprise was founded about 25 years ago in Cannes, France. “Ever since its establishment, COGEMAD has specialized in the provision of services for estates and apartments in the high-class segment,” explains Christelle Revol, marketing director of COGEMAD. “Apart from our current headquarters in Le Vesinet near Paris, we maintain an additional office in Cannes. In order to meet the high demands of our customers, we have teamed up with some of the finest French craftsmen, designers and other certified historic building companies to provide top-quality solutions.”

At the present time, an in-house team of 20 people supervises COGEMAD’s broad network of associated partners. “On behalf of our clients, we search for, build or renovate real estates, furnish them and provide property management, including concierge services,” states the marketing director. “If desired, our staff also refill the refrigerator or organize fresh flowers on the client’s arrival.”

One of COGEMAD’s most recent projects is the property Diamant sur le parc, a 425 m² apartment in the prestigious Walter building in Paris, France.

“Formerly, the apartment belonged to the fashion designer Balmain,” says Ms. Revol. “We purchased the flat, renovated and furnished it. In accordance with our philosophy, we only cooperated with the best French craftsmen. The gilding was created by the same gilder who already worked at the Invalides and in Versailles.”

Currently, COGEMAD is active in the Paris, Geneva and Côte d’Azur regions. “Our main target group is well-to-do private customers who want to invest in a secondary residence in France or Geneva,” explains the marketing director. “Often, these clients also leave the property management to us.”

In terms of marketing, the company acts cautiously and discreetly. “Usually, the purchase of real estate should remain private,” states Ms. Revol. “Therefore, we directly or indirectly cooperate with renowned real estate agents. Soon we will also reinforce our participation in international trade fairs. In China and Shanghai, we will present our Diamant sur le parc project to a broad audience.”

Although the real estate market suffered from recent economical developments, COGEMAD takes an optimistic view into its entrepreneurial future.

“Ever since our foundation, we have placed great emphasis on confidentiality, state-of-the-art technologies and a reliable network of partners,” summarizes the marketing director. “In the future, we strive to expand our business and become active in foreign markets. Our primary goal is to offer our high-class services all around the world.”

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