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Cenci Roma.

Via Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli, 21-23-25 00193 Rome Italy
+39 06 3723791 +39 06 37513744

Cenci Roma.

Magnificent necklace – the result of Italian craftsmanship

Cenci Roma.

Unique precious pieces

Italian jewellery shines throughout the world. High-quality craftsmanship, inventiveness, design originality and creativity are the elements behind the elegant products enticing people around the globe. Italian jewellery is an international status symbol. Now the Italian jewellery sky has a new shining star: Cenci Roma Srl in Roma, Oro Italia Investimenti’s new brand. The company has long been active in the gold market and now shifts its focus towards the most precious jewellery.

For many years, Italy has been the world’s biggest manufacturer and exporter of gold jewellery. Luxury brands such as Bulgari are celebrated worldwide due to their opulent use of gold and precious gemstones and cutting-edge designs. Cenci Roma Investimenti is a new representative of the market. Despite being brand new, the company knows the market and its special rules very well. For many years, Oro Italia Investimenti has successfully dealt with gold.

“In general, we bought gold, melted it and sold it again,” explains CEO Federica Cenci who founded the company in 2010. “From 2010 to 2013 the business was booming in Italy. But last year, the market started to slow down and we needed to look for new options. First, we sold the gold to other trading companies; then we decided to sell it back to the banks. Domestic gold jewellery sales have slumped significantly due to the recession in Italy and the soaring price of gold. And as we realized that the gold boom would not last forever we worked out a completely new concept. The idea of Gioielli d’Italia was born.”

In 2010, while keeping up its former trading activities, Oro Italia Investimenti founded this new brand. It organized the competition Gioelli d’Italia which addresses jewellery designers and offered awards for the best results.

“Made in Italy has an excellent reputation all over the world. As we take this reputation very seriously, every single detail including the packaging is made in Italy.”

Federica Cenci, CEO

“Our aim was to create unique jewellery pieces all made 100% in Italy,” says Ms. Cenci. “We awarded the eight best designs and their creation soon made clear that we were looking at stunning masterpieces. With Gioielli d’Italia we found the perfect style for our brand.”

The jewellery now builds the basis for Cenci Roma’s first jewellery collection. “We are very proud of our collection which we will showcase on the Jewelry and Gem fair in Hong Kong for the first time in September,” Ms. Cenci stresses. “The collection is synonymous with Italian craftsmanship and we are sure that it captures the spirit of the time. Made in Italy has an excellent reputation all over the world. As we take this reputation very seriously, every single detail including the packaging is made in Italy.”

Luxury shops in Milan, Florence, Catania and Cortina d’Ampezzo, all of these cities which are famous for luxury shopping opportunities, will offer the exquisite Gioielli d’Italia collection.

With its exceptional jewellery Cenci Roma is ready to face new market challenges. As the industry is confronted with very tough conditions in the domestic market, the company now paves the way to export its products. More and more Italian jewellery manufacturers are turning their attention to the fastest-growing export markets. And so does Cenci Roma. The USA, Hong Kong, China and Japan seem to be the most promising markets.

“The United States have long been the biggest customer for Italian jewellery,” states Ms. Cenci. “They will be one of our key markets. Another highly interesting market is Asia, where we see strong growth. Last but not least, we will focus on Russia and the United Arab Emirates.”

Cenci Roma will use international fairs as a powerful marketing tool in the future. Not only Hong Kong, but also Las Vegas, Bâle and New York are definitely scheduled. “We are very optimistic about future plans,” says Ms. Cenci. “Our collection speaks for itself. A highlight will be the market introduction of our top piece of jewellery. It will be a kind of puzzle and each piece can be personalized with the design or with an aphorism chosen by the client. It is very individual and absolutely unique on the market. We cannot wait to see what customers think about our creation.”

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