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cd Vet Naturprodukte GmbH

Industriestrasse 11-13 49584 Fürstenau Germany
+49 5901 97960 +49 5901 979633

cd Vet Naturprodukte GmbH

Dogs also benefit from 100% natural additives

cd Vet Naturprodukte GmbH

Healthy alternatives for animals

The overdose of antibiotics in food animal production is considered a problem with serious repercussions. The risk of developing resistance rises each time bacteria are exposed to antimicrobials. Resistance opens the door to treatment failure and leads to an increasing number of infections. cd Vet Naturprodukte GmbH situated in Fürstenau, Germany, decided to bank on a completely different approach. The company develops and produces natural pet products based on natural ingredients that help to prevent diseases.

“We do not want to sell products to treat diseases,” explains Managing Director Clemens Dingmann. “Our aim has always been to develop natural ingredients which efficiently support the self-healing power of animals. For us the most important thing is to look after animals carefully. If animals are in good condition, they will not get sick. Our philosophy is a holistic one. Our products support physiological organic functions and metabolic processes to maintain health.”

At the beginning, this unusual approach was not extraordinarily popular. “We literally started the business in 1999 in a small garage,” says Mr. Dingmann. “And we saw a lot of skepticism towards our idea to sell natural products which boost the well-being of animals. We want to use as little chemistry as possible. This is a key element of our business strategy. And we are convinced that using our products means minimizing or even avoiding any medication. At the same time, it is important to stress that we are far from banning medicine. What we do is look for sensible alternatives.”

When Mr. Dingmann, an experienced farmer himself, and his wife Ulrike founded the company in 1999, they could hardly imagine how dynamically the business would grow over the years.

“Our aim has always been to develop natural ingredients which efficiently support the self-healing power of animals.”

Clemens Dingmann, Managing Director

“13 years ago, Germany had to face foot-and-mouth disease,” says Mr. Dingmann. “Farmers could hardly sell anything at that time. For us, it was the moment to extend our portfolio to become a full-service supplier. We started in a niche and eventually became a specialist for the niche in natural animal health.”

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Today, cd Vet has 60 employees, a turnover of more than five million EUR and annual growth rates of 20 to 40%. “Our advantage is that the entire value chain is in-house,” underlines Mr. Dingmann. “We started as a distributor, but only six months later, we produced ourselves. This way we can oversee every single process from the development to the production and marketing. And we can guarantee that all processes comply with the highest quality standards. We offer complete solutions for all different animals including horses, dogs, cats, reptiles, rodents and birds. Regardless of whether farmer, veterinarian, pharmacist or pet shop, we offer everything related to animal health. And we not only offer products but also consultancy services. 25 employees in our service center, among them many veterinarians, support customers and share experiences. It is this whole concept which sets us apart on the market.”

cd Vet’s products are based on herbs and micronutrients like vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The company strictly uses non-genetically modified raw materials such as cold pressed oils, essential oils and micronutrients from natural sources and avoids synthetic additives and preservatives. New products are launched regularly.

“In 2013, we integrated Bach flowers in our product range,” states Mr. Dingmann. “They do not contain alcohol or sugar and have an organic certification. Another innovation is Worm-o-Vet, a product which makes the use of chemical deworming unnecessary and strengthens the organism of the animal. When developing new products we always try to find the reason for any health issues. It goes without saying that a farmer with pigs with respiratory problems can use antibiotics. But this is not what we do. In accordance with our holistic approach, we recommend to adapt the animal feed and to feed herbs and plants which boost self-healing powers. We add nutrients that lead to a healthier life.”

Animal lovers at home and abroad rely on cd Vet’s natural products. Around 40% of sales are made up by exports to other European countries.

“We established a subsidiary in Switzerland and have a partner in the Czech Republic,” sums up Mr. Dingmann. “In the future, we are going to enhance exports while still being close to our customers. Sustainability will play a key role. We will constantly adapt to changing customer needs.”

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