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Bellini Srl

Via Don Lorenzo Milani, 8 24050 Zanica (BM) Italy
+39 035 673948 +39 035 673958

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Bellini Srl

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View of the headquarters of Bellini Srl at Zanica in the Italian province of Bergamo.

Bellini Srl

Green solutions for metalworking


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Green products are increasingly favored by consumers and the trend is supported by ever stricter standards for environmental compatibility. Going green is a viable alternative for businesses, too. In Italy the new line of green lubricants for metalworking earned Bellini Srl annual growth rates of 15% in a market plagued by the financial crisis with a decline of 3% per year.

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“We are a traditional expert in lubricants for metalworking and machining with more than 40 years of experience to our name,” says Managing Director Andrea Bellini. The origins of Bellini date even further back to 1943, when Carlo Bellini and his wife Marina founded the company as a trading business for petroleum products.

In 1972, their son dottore Alberto Bellini joined the company and inherited it soon after. The industrial chemist immediately started to expand activities by manufacturing lubricants in addition to trading in them, a successful move. Bellini kept winning new customers.

The second oil price crisis in 1978 marked a milestone in the corporate history, Alberto Bellini decided to give up the trade side of the business and focus exclusively on the production of lubricants.

“At the end of the 1990s the facilities proved to be too small to fully meet the growing demand,” explains Andrea Bellini. “In 2000 we doubled production capacity with our newly built spacious headquarters accommodating administration, latest production facilities, state-of-the-art laboratories for research, development and quality control from incoming raw materials to finished products and spacious storage facilities.”

Today, headed by Alberto Bellini as President, the company is managed by the third generation of the Bellini Family, the three sons, who contribute their expertise in different fields. Stefano Bellini, who joined the company in 1994, is an IT expert and accounts for the automated processes and the workflow.

Marco Bellini is an industrial chemist just like his father and since 2002 he has been the driving force of research and development with focus on innovative products. Four years ago, Andrea Bellini joined the company. A business management graduate, Andrea Bellini is responsible for marketing and client relations.

“We provide a wide variety of lubricants for metalworking and industrial applications including coolants, cutting, grinding, stamping, hot and cold forging fluids, corrosion protection, degreasers, motor oils, EDM or release agents,” underlines Andrea Bellini. “Our products have proven their advanced quality and effectiveness time and time again under the harshest conditions. Moreover, we have the know-how to solve any individual problem. Our R&D specialists are readily available for developing bespoke solutions exactly tailored to the individual application and our flexible production ensures an immediate response to customers’ requests even with small batches.”

Top of the range is the new Harolbio line of green lubricants for metalworking, a top result of Bellini development in close cooperation with Universities.

“We always aim at being the forerunner and not the follower and so we were the first in Italy to come out with an answer to the growing demand for green lubricants. Made from natural vegetable oils and free from toxic substances, Harolbio lubricants are an environmentally-friendly and healthy alternative with outstanding technical features outperforming conventional lubricants,” underlines Andrea Bellini. “In addition to increased workplace safety and environmental compatibility Harolbio products ensure higher yield of tools and longer machine life. The green Harolbio lubricants have fuelled sales ever since they were launched in 2008 and we are actively engaged in developing new green solutions for metalworking.”

So far, Bellini is mainly active in Italy, where the company ranks with the top five manufacturers of lubricants. With a staff of 40 plus sales agents, Bellini generates a turnover of 16.5 million EUR with an export quota of 5%.

“We started export activities about one and a half years ago and we want to increase the quota to 30% within the next few years, mainly with our flagship Harolbio and new green solutions,” concludes Andrea Bellini.

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