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Asysco Software B.V

Gramsbergerstraat 79 7742 VG Coevorden Netherlands
+31 524 515386 +31 524 516537

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Asysco Software B.V

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CCO Herman Eggink – for him Asysco is the ideal company with strong connections to people.

Asysco Software B.V

An infectious business partner


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The IT business is a fast business. Innovation comes fast and a period of three years seems to be endless. Given this, it is remarkable that Asysco Software B.V. has already been in the market for more than 30 years. The company’s key to success? An infectious enthusiasm.

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“Delivering turnkey, automated mainframe migrations is what we do at Asysco,” sums up CCO Herman Eggink. “We pick up old software programs from older platforms and migrate them to new technology and new software. Many competitors do a lot less than we do. Their clients basically need to become migration experts themselves which is exactly what we do not want. We transform everything into new code on new platforms and do not leave any legacy issues unresolved. Migration services are much in demand. There are 250 billion old Cobol lines. And the programmers are getting older. It is not feasible to send everything to India to be programmed and maintained by people on lower wages. We have a different approach. We provide services to complement the migration because we are convinced that it is important to guide and coach our client’s staff. They benefit from our extensive experience. We offer services such as project cost calculation, planning, costs before and during the project, risk management. This information is the basis for making calculated decisions.”

Asysco was founded in 1979 in Coevorden, the Netherlands, and established an office in Tallahassee, Florida, in 2002. Today, it has about 60 employees. Over the years, the company consistently adapted to new market needs.

“First, we only migrated one Unisys system,” says Mr. Eggink. “Later, we diversified and migrated programs written in Cobol as well. It is important to be open for new technologies such as cloud services. There have been a few short-lived hypes in the business, but this one will clearly stay. It is a big advantage that due to the cloud technology you do not need your own hardware any more. Currently, we are assisting a university to migrate their old student administration to a cloud service. When it is ready we aim to sell the system to other universities as a standardized system. As we saw the cloud technology coming and realized its great potential we consistently adjusted our offer. Now, it is the same for us whether clients want our services through their own hardware, as a cloud-based service or anything in between.”

As the impact of a migration project is great and not cheap, Asysco typically does not embark on projects under 200,000 EUR. The return on investment would simply take too long. Middle and high end clients from different markets are typical clients – “all deeply satisfied”, as Mr. Eggink stresses.

Clients are retailers and manufacturing companies, financial institutions, ministries and local authorities even in Sweden, Canada and the United States. Only 2% of turnover is generated in the Netherlands.

“There is enough work for us out there to last the next decades,” says Mr. Eggink. “Around 50,000 prospects around the globe is a lot. The good thing is that basically we can work anywhere. Cloud services are wonderful in that respect. We have migration projects from half a million to ten million EUR. At times, we may hire extra staff. Projects take from 6 to 18 months which requires an extensive commitment from our clients. Taking care of this aspect is also part of our service organization and distinguishes us from other companies.”

The company’s website is another example of Asysco’s customer-oriented philosophy. “Our website is set up to inform clients about what is needed; it is a consultative approach”, points out Mr. Eggink. “We follow the path of the five E’S. Explore, evaluate, engage, execute, extend. Clients appreciate the site a lot and use our instruments. We can track what people are interested in and how much time they spent on our site. This gives us information about what stage of the decision process they are at. Then we get in touch with them and offer our help. This works much better than general mailings do. We are convinced that the future will be better than ever. We are two steps ahead and our enthusiasm is contagious. In three years’ time, which in IT is an incredibly long time, I would like to make sure that more of the process is automated and we end up with a larger profit margin. Our goal for the next three years is to make technical scalability possible.”

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