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Amnol Chimica Biologica S.r.l.

Corso della Vittoria 14 28100 Novara (NO) Italy
+39 0321 499199 +39 0321 499202

Amnol Chimica Biologica S.r.l.

Amnol Chimica Biologica S.r.l.

Partner in healthy living

Health is a process, and most people need support as they work toward it. Doctors and patients know they have a trusted partner in Amnol Chimica Biologica S.r.l., an Italian firm with a stellar national reputation for developing pharmaceutical products sold in apothecaries. With over three decades of innovation in biochemistry, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals development, Amnol is a first name in the design of dietary supplements, cosmetics, medicines and medical devices.

Amnol Chimica Biologica came into being in 1978 in Novara, Italy, which it continues to call home. Over the years, it has become more and more present in the international pharmaceutical arena, always developing new products and bringing them to neighborhood apothecaries in the form of new nutritional supplements, skincare products and medicines.

The company, owned 100% by WTB Holding S.p.A., employs five people altogether, three of them in research, and turns over 5 million EUR annually. “Quality and innovation are our very first priorities,” says Dr. Giorgio Stefanelli, CEO of Amnol Chimica Biologica S.r.l.

Amnol generates roughly 80% of its revenues from the production of vascular and lymphology products, but it also produces lines of pharmaceuticals in the fields of gynecology, orthopedics (especially the for diabetes sufferers) and general medicine. These products are presented in the form of tablets, liquids in vials, powders, creams and oils.

Amnol uses the most rigorous scientific methods available to create innovative new products with exceptional health benefits. An ISO 9001-certified firm, Amnol aims at always making use of cutting-edge technology in its drive to bring doctors and their patients the highest levels of quality in supplements, cosmetics and medicines.

It is one of the only companies in its sector to carry out careful monitoring of its products through infrared spectroscopy, an advanced tool that checks compliance to formulation and compositions. It also employs sophisticated instrumentation to verify that its product conform to quality parameters required by the company. Its strict system is continued through its traceability system, which allows it to recall products, when necessary with the highest level of specificity.

One of Amnol’s most popular products is called Wasotonal, a cream designed to improve blood circulation. “Wasotonal is a plant-based product that stimulates blood flow and circulation in the legs,” Dr. Stefanelli says. “It is refreshing and moisturizing at the same time.” Amnol developed Wasotonal as it does all of its products – in-house, and in close cooperation with universities and renowned manufacturers.

Amnol works with 80 sales agents throughout Italy to bring its products to its customers in apothecaries around the country. “Doctors often prescribe our products, or they can be bought without a prescription simply by visiting your local apothecary,” Dr. Stefanelli explains. Amnol is able to reach its target audience by attending regular medical and pharmaceutical conferences, where it is often a presenter.

Currently, Amnol exports just 5% of its products. To increase this figure is a goal the company has set for 2014. “We believe strongly that there is an international market for products developed in our laboratories and tested at reputable research universities like Novara, Catanzaro, Naples, Padua, Ferrara and Genoa,” Dr. Stefanelli says. “We work hard on our products and our reputation has been strengthened in the process.”

As Amnol investigates ways to bring its products to new customers, it is getting ready launch a new product for diabetes prevention, a product that may prevent diabetes patients from having to receive amputation of their limbs. The company has been working closely with orthopedic shoes manufacturers to test the product. “We are a first name in products for patients with diabetes,” Dr. Stefanelli says.

Healthy bodies mean peace of mind. Amnol is happy to be a trusted partner in helping patients achieve both.

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