Interview with Sir William Gallagher, CEO of Gallagher,  world leader in electric fencing

Interview with Sir William Gallagher, CEO of Gallagher, world leader in electric fencing

„I try to be like a coach of a football team”

Behind the success story of the New Zealand Hidden Champion, Gallagher, stands a strong and cosmopolitan personality: Sir William Gallagher, CEO of the world leader for electrical fences. He believes the establishment of in-house sales and marketing channels is one of the most important reasons for the company’s success. In an interview, he also talks about his leadership style, which he compares to that of a football coach.

Interview with fashion designer Thomas Rath

Interview with fashion designer Thomas Rath

“The infamous jogging pants are a luxury must-have. Definitely.”

Fashion designer and former juror on the TV show “Germany’s Next Top Model” Thomas Rath has a new mission as Germany’s official design ambassador. He talked to International Trade News about his new role and the 2015 collection of luxury trousers created for his label Thomas Rath Trousers. His message for the international fashion world may come as a surprise. Unlike fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld, he has declared jogging pants to be the next must-have luxury look.

Guest editorial by Fabian Hold, Simon Kratzer and Dr. Philipp Sandner

Guest editorial by Fabian Hold, Simon Kratzer and Dr. Philipp Sandner

SAP and the patent disaster: Shocking announcement with notice

Software publisher SAP has been hit with a fine running into hundreds of millions of euros after being found guilty of patent infringement. The case demonstrates the extent to which SAP has for years underestimated the significance of copyright laws.

Interview with Lego expert and book author Professor David Robertson

Interview with Lego expert and book author Professor David Robertson

„The toy that almost killed the company was Lego Star Wars“

Professor David Robertson, author of Lego’s success story, which has been published in several languages, uses particular products to explain how the Danish toymaker was almost pushed to the brink of bankruptcy – and what brought the company back on track. In an interview with International Trade News, Robertson tells the real Lego story. And he does not leave out the little stories that show the human face of Lego’s roller coaster ride.

ITN Special

ITN Special

Made in France

France is famous for its high-quality goods, which are among the best in the world. With our unique online special “Made in France,” we introduce companies from different sectors that, with their successes, have helped bring French products international renown. You, too, can become a part of this success story “Made in France” and boost your company’s name recognition throughout Europe.

Featured Company

Robert Bosch Elektronika Gyártó Kft.

One step ahead of competition

Superlatives come easily when speaking of one of the world’s largest suppliers of technology and services. Bosch has become a synonym for automotive electronics today. The global player is one of the largest suppliers to the automotive industry. In addition, it has taken the lead in other technology sectors. Bosch has been active in Hatvan for 15 years now. Roger Seemeyer, technical plant manager of Robert Bosch Elektronika Gyártó Kft., aims to strengthen and sustain the competiveness of the Hungarian subsidiary.


ITN Specials
Trade & Consumer Goods

Lanza Bruno S.r.l.

Trade home & personal care

Nothing is more annoying than having to go to ten different shops to get the household goods you need, but the same can be said for wholesalers. One Italian company has made a business out of being the place to go for cleaning products: Lanza Bruno S.r.l., an Italian firm specializing in the sale and wholesale of washing detergent for laundry, household and personal care. Lanza Bruno has a good reputation for delivering a wide assortment, making it a solid partner in the trade.


Textile Industry & Fashion

Cenci Roma.

Unique precious pieces

Italian jewellery shines throughout the world. High-quality craftsmanship, inventiveness, design originality and creativity are the elements behind the elegant products enticing people around the globe. Italian jewellery is an international status symbol. Now the Italian jewellery sky has a new shining star: Cenci Roma Srl in Roma, Oro Italia Investimenti’s new brand. The company has long been active in the gold market and now shifts its focus towards the most precious jewellery.


Food & Drinks

Maresi Foodbroker Kft.

A strong name for strong brands

While it is common knowledge what a stockbroker does, the job of a food broker is perhaps less familiar. A food broker is a kind of agent who markets and sells products from a food producer or manufacturer, be it a farmer who is looking to sell his produce or a major international food corporation. Food brokers get the goods to wholesalers and retailers alike, who rely on the broker as a single source for multiple brands. Budapest-based Maresi Foodbroker Kft., a subsidiary of Maresi Austria GmbH, fits this definition to a T. Offering up-to-date ideas and marketing schemes, the company has been serving clients for 23 years.


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Interview with Aaron McNeilly, Sherpa of the G20YEA summit in Australia

“Transforming jobless young people worldwide into entrepreneurs”

The ambitious aims set out by the G20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance - G20YEA - sound breathtaking. Youth unemployment should be cut to below 10% by 2030. In an interview with International Trade News Aaron McNeilly, Sherpa of this year's G20YEA summit in Australia, explains how this will be achieved: By transforming young jobless people worldwide into young entrepreneurs. There are already several examples.



Interview with Götz W. Werner, founder of the pharmacy chain dm

“Every company has the customers it deserves“

The saying “you reap what you sow” also applies in business. For Götz W. Werner – founder and Member of the Supervisory Board of the pharmacy chain dm – it is a synonym for a responsible customer focus: Responsible shoppers seek out companies with an integrated business philosophy. On a global scale, the entrepreneur sees a corporate culture that still lacks a fully developed awareness for sustainable practices.



Interview with Marco Sabetta, General Director of Salone del Mobile Milano

Salone del Mobile: “a dress rehearsal for Expo 2015”

The timing could not be better: Just before World Expo in Milan opens its doors next year, the international furniture fair Salone del Mobile takes the stage. Managing Director of Salone del Mobile, Marco Sabetta, talked to International Trade News about everything that Milan will present to the world in 2015.


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