Interview: Management thinker Hermann Simon on Power Pricing

Interview: Management thinker Hermann Simon on Power Pricing

How clever pricing tricks can lead to increased online sales

Management thinker and economics professor Hermann Simon is one of the leading experts on pricing in the world. In an interview with International Trade News, he shows how a small and medium-sized company managed to increase its turnover tenfold through the use of Power Pricing. Just how high the bar must be set to see the maximum benefit from this pricing strategy can be seen in the following mantra from the aviation industry: If I want to sell 2,000 seats and have 400 price points – then that I am short by 1,600 price points.

Interview with business psychologist Prof. Florian Becker

Interview with business psychologist Prof. Florian Becker

"Google has good products because it is managed well"

Give your employees permission to do what they want for 20% of their working day. The thought has probably left you scratching your head and intuitively thinking it’s a crazy idea that could never work. However, Professor Florian Becker, who has just published a book on the psychology of managing people, has identified a trend towards greater freedom that can have a significantly positive effect on a company’s success.

Interview with Aldo Magada, new CEO and president of Zenith

Interview with Aldo Magada, new CEO and president of Zenith

“Disconnected watches could be a big plus for us”

Less digital is more. At least that seems to be the case for the future of the luxury watch market, says Aldo Magada, CEO and President of Swiss luxury watch maker Zenith: “We will never compete with digital or connected watches because it’s not our segment.” As a luxury watch maker, Magada is putting his faith in disconnected watches. He also hopes they will be his biggest asset in attracting a younger generation of customers.

Guest editorial by Greek economics expert Professor Spiridon Paraskewopoulos

Guest editorial by Greek economics expert Professor Spiridon Paraskewopoulos

Greece: Orderly default as the best solution is virtually no-win

The early Greek elections, scheduled for 25 January 2015, suddenly put the word “Grexit” – Greece’s possible exit from the Eurozone – back on everyone’s lips. This intensely discussed worst-case scenario, which has Greece and the Eurozone feeling anxious, is owed, however, not only to the demagogic and utopian left Greek opposition leader Alexis Tsipras.

Interview with Jens Böhlmann, Speaker of the German/Russian Foreign Chamber of Commerce (AHK)

Interview with Jens Böhlmann, Speaker of the German/Russian Foreign Chamber of Commerce (AHK)

“The Russian state must stop interfering with the economy“

Jens Böhlmann, Head of Press Relations and a director of the German/Russian International Chamber of Commerce (AHK) has called for a withdrawal of the Russian state from the economy. Its involvement is too great, says Mr. Böhlmann in an interview with International Trade News. He refers to a so far unpublished AHK survey according to which a quarter of its members have been heavily affected by the devaluation of the rouble.

Interview with Stefan Hentschel and Klaas Flechsig, Google Deutschland

Interview with Stefan Hentschel and Klaas Flechsig, Google Deutschland

“Marketing has not been the SMEs’ strongest subject”

According to Google, many German medium-sized businesses still haven’t understood the scope of the Internet’s reach. Marketing isn’t exactly the SMEs’ strongest subject either, says Stefan Hentschel, Industry Leader Technology at Google Germany in an interview. For export-oriented companies, Google is offering coaching through its “worldwide growth” platform. It is all about seizing opportunities to win additional business via digital sales channels – without turning one’s back on traditional sales routes.

Interview with Sir William Gallagher, CEO of Gallagher,  world leader in electric fencing

Interview with Sir William Gallagher, CEO of Gallagher, world leader in electric fencing

„I try to be like a coach of a football team”

Behind the success story of the New Zealand Hidden Champion, Gallagher, stands a strong and cosmopolitan personality: Sir William Gallagher, CEO of the world leader for electrical fences. He believes the establishment of in-house sales and marketing channels is one of the most important reasons for the company’s success. In an interview, he also talks about his leadership style, which he compares to that of a football coach.

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The beauty of wood

The Tyrol region of Austria is a hikers’ paradise with its beautiful mountains, forests and lakes. A natural haven for tourists and wildlife alike, the Tyrolean forests are actually a managed resource whose continued enjoyment is dependent on the timber companies working there. Next to tourism and farming, wood is the biggest industry in the region, which is populated by a host of family-owned timber companies. Most are small-scale operations, but some, like FRITZ EGGER GmbH & Co. OG, have expanded beyond the region to compete in the world market.


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Finance & Real Estate


Exclusive estates and interiors

The renovation or new construction of a privately owned home is always connected with complex logistical undertakings and craft activities. Many well-to-do owners prefer to pass these tasks on to external partners. An example is COGEMAD from Le Vesinet in France. The company maintains a broad network of architects, craftsmen, designers, gardeners and technicians and acts as reliable partner for exclusive renovations and interior decoration projects.


Health, Chemical & Medical Industry


Solutions that become specialties

In a world where business leaders are constantly looking to reduce the number of suppliers they work with, one company is changing to meet more of their needs: France-based DECA-CHIMIE s.a.s., a sales agent and distributor of chemical products for a range of industries. With great access and service in Europe and to the growing Chinese market in particular, DECA-CHIMIE is able to offer tailor-made solutions at lower costs and with a high degree of flexibility.

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Food & Drinks

Sardo Piemontese Sementi Soc Coop Soc Agricola

Three decades of successful cooperative work

Rice has been grown in Italy since the 15th century, and with an average production of more than 1.5 million tons per year, this Mediterranean country is now Europe`s largest producer. Rice production is mainly concentrated around Lombardy and Piedmont, where there are more than 220,000 ha and 5,000 producers dedicated to this crop. Sardo Piemontese Sementi Soc Coop Soc Agricola – SAPISE for short – was established as a farmers’ cooperative in Vercelli (Piedmont) in 1978. Right from the start, the company was jointly owned by rice farmers from Sardinia and Piedmont regions, specialized in rice seed multiplication-processing-certification, who decided that a cooperative could become the ideal distribution platform for their products.


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Interview with Andrea Bonini, Italian luxury interior designer

“Like the best James Bond, I keep my secrets safe”

The young Italian luxury designer Andrea Bonini defines luxury as being a combination of simplicity and straightforward, unfussy structures. This is exactly the language spoken by his furniture collections and accessories. They embody the most luxurious form of elegance. The Verona native is currently pulling out all the stops – while maintaining James Bond levels of secrecy – on his new collections for the Salone del Mobile 2015 in Milan.



Interview with Götz W. Werner, founder of the pharmacy chain dm

“Every company has the customers it deserves“

The saying “you reap what you sow” also applies in business. For Götz W. Werner – founder and Member of the Supervisory Board of the pharmacy chain dm – it is a synonym for a responsible customer focus: Responsible shoppers seek out companies with an integrated business philosophy. On a global scale, the entrepreneur sees a corporate culture that still lacks a fully developed awareness for sustainable practices.



Interview with Marco Sabetta, General Director of Salone del Mobile Milano

Salone del Mobile: “a dress rehearsal for Expo 2015”

The timing could not be better: Just before World Expo in Milan opens its doors next year, the international furniture fair Salone del Mobile takes the stage. Managing Director of Salone del Mobile, Marco Sabetta, talked to International Trade News about everything that Milan will present to the world in 2015.


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